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  1. McKlub

    Post Removed

    My servers are literally called Fortis: Survival and Fortis: Economy.
  2. McKlub

    Post Removed

    Why was my post removed in Advertisement? My title was "Fortis: Survival and Economy". I didn't break a rule, That's what my server titles are.
  3. Bump. Added webclient link
  4. Fuck RuneLocus for removing my post. Download our launcher [URL="http://www.fortis-rsps.com/Fortis.jar"]here[/URL]!
  5. Hi, I'm using Rune-Evo v3 as a base for my server. I am using Eclipse, but whenever I run the Price Editor.bat, I get the following error: [CODE]Error: Could not find or load main class com.guardian.PriceLoader Press any key to continue . . . [/CODE] If I load it outside of Eclipse it works fine, so what would I need to edit? EDIT: Solved.
  6. McKlub

    NPC Name In Dialogue

    [quote name='artizan']you need to edit this throughout the cache, So what you need to do is take as example Frosty's cache editor. It allows you to create new npc's and items. Once you got frosty's cache editor then: 1- Load your cache 2- Choose npc's 3- Find the npc ID from who you want to change the name. *bad grammar lawl* 4- Click Edit, And change the npc's Name Then save it. close your rsps, and restart it. it is possible that if you start your server, and then your client that it wont start or not even load, that is couse the editor corrupted the cache, What you want to do is to take a random npc from the list, press edit. and just hit the save button. Then restart your server. Keep repeating till you can start it. Sorry for the bad explaination, if you can't get it. then add me on skype bjorn.schonenberg will show you how to do it.[/QUOTE] Thanks bud!
  7. McKlub

    NPC Name In Dialogue

    I was just wondering how I would change, for example, King Roald's name in his dialogue to King Fortis. I can't seem to figure it out myself or find any tutorials on it. Note that I'm looking for how to change it at the top of the dialogue box, not the NPC's actual name. I already did that part. Thanks!
  8. Join now to get Solomon's General Store (otherwise known as Jagex's RWT shop) changed or removed! We will be boycotting August 1, 2012 all day on World 8 (f2p) and World 9 (p2p) at the grand exchange. Sign the petition now at [url]http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rsboycott/[/url] Join the discussion at [url]http://www.runecinema.x10.mx/rsboycott[/url] [video=youtube;iaZ_HkwD4ik]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaZ_HkwD4ik[/video]
  9. McKlub

    Obama or Romney

    Where's the Mickey Mouse option?
  10. [quote name='BZB']I believe it's not about the text the pictures looks amazing I guess you could put some Pizzazz to the text but above all the picture it self looks amazing.[/QUOTE] Thanks. I guess you're right. I hid my signature in one of my skyrim wallpapers I made. I'll start doing that again.
  11. @Delta Coder: I don't have to do that unless the music is copyrighted. @Time: Are you talking about my watermark?
  12. [quote name='godiam']I only watched the first one, it's pretty good.. except for the music.[/QUOTE] Sorry haha. I just look for uncopyrighted songs to put in my videos.
  13. [quote name='Time']Stay away from text. PLEASE! Other than that, they're pretty nice. :)[/QUOTE] What do you mean?
  14. These were both created by me. They are my two favorites. I have many others on my channel at [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/McKlubPS[/url] Deathly Flowers [video=youtube;ZqV7gL4eYpg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqV7gL4eYpg[/video] The Others [video=youtube;8zzmyIYv4Wo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zzmyIYv4Wo[/video]
  15. McKlub

    Website design

    [quote name='Ziek`']"I guess" < I think that's what ig means. He's an idiot, though. That design is really nice. I love the simplicity. I'm not sure about the red, though. I probably would have gone with another color.[/QUOTE] I would go with light blue or a green. And maybe not completely the same color. Throw some white in there too.