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  1. Hey Roger, That's awesome that you are looking to get into Network Security. Some things that I would suggest you get is a CCNA R&S, CCNA Security (or Sec +), and look into CASP. Having experience in how routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, etc work is very valuable to get. You can start studying at just about any website. I started off with CBTNuggets.com. You can torrent most of their videos from the pirate bay if you don't feel like paying $84 a month. There are also other sites that have mock exams that are IDENTICAL to the actual exam (ex: 9tut.net; this website also has course material that you can use to study). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  2. I thought this used to be a thing? Maybe not. I'm not in any place to say no. It doesn't effect me, but if it makes others happy then I'm for it.
  3. I have built the computer! Sorry that I'm about 7 months late. I completely forgot that I had posted this. It was built in June. Will post pictures when I get back home.
  4. Expect pictures of this build around late May, early June. Will be buying the parts progressively over the next three months. Will have pictures taken of each component as received.
  5. I will need ze Monitor(s) yes. I can probably add that in with the upgrade expansion then. I have two subpar monitors that are actually two 24" TVs lol.
  6. Chris, If you're beautiful mind still lurks on these forums; I need some help. This is what I want. Intel 5th OR 6th gen CPU (can be pentium to cut costs; I'll upgrade the CPU to an i5 or i7 eventually) GPU must be a 960+ on the end product. I'll settle for a 750TI upfront (they do perform as well as a 950 in most applications). So, the plan is to build a computer in 3 months when I get back from my TDY. THE POSTED BUDGET IS THE UP FRONT BUDGET. My upgrade budget will be around $400 (but won't come until around 6 months from now). The reason why I don't want to wait until I have all the money is because I need a computer for when I get back home immediately. I don't have anything currently (other than my iPhone; which I am using to make this post). Thanks guys. Love you all.
  7. Guys, My freaking bad. I haven't been as active as I should be. Well, I really haven't been active at all! 6 years and only 200 posts to show for it. Posts don't dictate who I am, obviously. However, that is no excuse for inactivity. I'll try to be active again and socialize with all of you beautiful people. Especially you, Ziek. Love you, Cart.
  8. Sorry for such a late reply! [quote name='venins']what is the education qualification bar ?[/QUOTE] You must score a 50 on your ASVAB [quote name='Dean']My brother swore into the USAF just last week. He'll be getting his job information and his ship date soon... hopefully![/QUOTE] That's great! [quote name='Sethy']Why'd you waste your time? Why does your signature say "These things we do so that others may live"? Do you really think the U.S military is beneficial to our everyday life?[/QUOTE] For someone who speaks with such big words, you have no idea what the quote means and you really made yourself seem very uninformed. Pararescue, the special force of the USAF, is a career field in which we save lives on the battlefield. The quote doesn't pertain to those who live here in the United States. The quote pertains to those who are/were under fire, and were wounded, and needed to be med evacuated from the field to a safer location. Those who HALO jumped out of C-130s at 30,000 feet down to the field to evacuate those who were wounded are called PJs. That's what the quote stands for. So yes, it was beneficial to someone's everyday life. Thankfully, not you ;). Also, I'm sorry that you translated it as to be 'superior' and 'false hope'. [quote name='Tylerr']I will be joining after I graduate this year. Mind telling me what the requirements are for an Intelligence Officer?[/QUOTE] Well, you need a General score on the ASVAB of a 43. Minimum composite score of 50 though. You're composite score is both your General score and Administrative score put together. Again, sorry for the late reply!
  9. I assume you lowered your security settings on top of that as well. Hmph. I am not 100% sure then. [MENTION=35144]Hope[/MENTION], do you have anything? [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] I assume you lowered your security settings on top of that as well. Hmph. I am not 100% sure then. [MENTION=35144]Hope[/MENTION], do you have anything?
  10. I've figured out an easier way. Go to your Java Control panel and add that specific URL that has the Webclient, [url]http://project-hallucination.com/webclient.html[/url] , to the 'edit site list' located under the 'Security' tab. Add that URL to it above and reload the page and that should completely fix your issue.
  11. Read this. This should make you happy. [url]http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ34.pdf[/url] Copyright protection can NOT be made on names. Glad to assist you, good luck with your website.
  12. I've participated in Brazilian Ju Jitsu for eight solid years.
  13. Scrotty, Sorry that no one has replied to your topic. I believe that the megabytes consumed per hour on Runescape really depends on the user maneuvering around the Runescape world. Sitting in a solid state in Runescape, not moving, the game uses merely just a few kylobytes, but when I run around, causing the application to load more lands/textures, it bumps up to around one to two megabytes. I would assume that, if you are typical Runescape user, and enjoy skilling, and run the same routes, you would use around 5 maybe 10MB an hour. That's just a rough assumption, and I wouldn't quote me on it, but I would like to argue that I am right. I hope that this helped you. Edit: I have been told that just idling at a regularly populated bank, such as Varrock West, averages 100 Bytes per second. So, the estimates could be greatly less than the ones that I have made. I made a safe estimate.
  14. I've done some researching, and this seems to be a security issue that needs to be fixed by the provider, so sadly, there is really only one thing you can do. You'll have to uninstall that current version, and re-install an earlier version of Java. And if you would like a video of how to do the above, posted by Hope, go here. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mDVFrFjWVw[/url] this video shows how to turn down the security settings.