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  1. news from the r4i-sdhc official site The r4i-sdhc has update to v1.57b. More bugs has been fixed, you can enjoy more fun with your r4i-sdhc cards. Just download the newest kernel on the official site, run the updating program, you can simply update your card to v1.57b. Enjoy busy updating day ~LOL
  2. heyy guys, have you ever heard the news that a new ps3 jailbreak product has coming out. it was made by the PS3break team, and really has been put into the market, as far as i know, this product has the same function of a JB2, and can break your own PS3 console and enjoy the latest and most popular PS3 games which require 3.6+ or 3.7+ PS3 firmware. ps3break team called it as the return of the king. and i have find that some shop sale it 50usd. it is not cheap, but cheap than a JB2. i don't know how many people would like this product, but there is no doubt JB2 has got much competitor in the market. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5456[/ATTACH]
  3. yeah, my ace3ds card works well on my updated 3ds v4.1.0-8. and no cards banned this time. thanks you for the info,
  4. wood r4 1.48 has been released. 'moyeora! kirby (korea)' fixed. 'detective conan - kakokara no zensou kyoku (japan)' fixed. 'super scribblenauts (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)' fixed. there is another news r4ids.cn has update their firmware to v1.48 for all the r4i gold 3ds and the non-3ds card, you can just have a check on their official. Congratulations to all the guys who holds the r4i gold 3ds, you can enjoy the new firmware now~LOL