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  1. how is it nulled? it is ip board it is not nulled Just the fact you even mentioned smfnew removes your right to have an opinion
  2. once again i am not using a nulled forum, i dont know why everyone seems to think i am, and the forum is going nicely and you do not need css to make a php script that does exactly the same as any other, but it will look shit, and makes it completely pointless.
  3. ruby you are incredibly stupid, if you read anything on my forum you would know i was talking about making a usable nice VALID toplist not a piece of shit that no one will use, yes you need to know how to use phpmyadmin, or another SQL manager for a SQL toplist douchebag. editing of accounts? what the fuck are you talking about, i don't even know what this refers to, if this is refering to the toplist tut i made, they have a control panel, and i was keeping is basic, you sir are retarded, don't post on my thread. As for the forums, proof they are nulled? did i steal my domain and webhosting aswell? is rune-server, runelocus using nulled forums? Added theme and mods? what else would you want me to do, all i see runelocus is is some boards, mods and a theme dickhead.
  4. Hi, i am here again with GeneralProgramming.org, i know i have made a lot of projects here, and alot did not last long, due to not enough motivation, but i am dedicated to stick with generalprogramming, i have received better feedback on it then any other website i have owned, i have nothing else to distract me, and it is growing fast. What makes GeneralProgramming different to other web development and / or programming forums? In general programming you may request almost any PHP script(assuming it isn't a MASSIVE job) to be created and released on the forums for free, the staff and community members post PHP, HTML, CSS, C, C#, C++ and Java tutorials and projects, and unlike all of the other websites or forums that set out with the same objective, we have a Discussion are aswell as a gaming area Runescape, Minecraft, Consoles. With regular tutorials, and releases posted by me, other staff or other community members, i think it will quickly become a very usable and attractive resource website for the RSPS community and others at the same time, as the services are entirely FREE. All you need to do to support us is register and be as active as you possibly can, and if you feel it necessary donate a small amount to us, my paypal account has recently been locked, so i have no outstanding cash. We are also in the look out for some good web developers or programmers, that can come and help make tutorials, or release content, on the subject we are looking for a staff team as well, that can not be applied for, they will be hand picked by me.
  5. So, i saw someone trying to make one of these, But he got trolled alot since it failed pretty bad. So i guess i got the idea from him, and plan on making a more professional one with alot more structure [B][COLOR="White"]What forums shall we have?[/COLOR][/B] [I]We will have IP board forums, using a old licence i bought a while ago, this won't be a plain forum i will find the best skin i can, that matches the forum. I will also add all the needed and wanted mods to make the forums easy to use, and entertaining to its users[/I] [B][COLOR="White"]Webhost & Domain[/COLOR][/B] [I]I currently have a good webhost, and a .org domain the problem is it is for RSPS, the domain is rspsdb.org, which i don't think will fit, but it might have to do until i make some more money. We wont go down in a couple of days, and i will be [/I][I]dedicated to the forum and website and i will not give up.[/I] [B][COLOR="White"]Forum[/COLOR][/B] [I]We will be focusing on RSPS, General chat and tech support BUT also coding, and programming, we will be posting tutorials on how to use tags, and functions from the most basic of html to php, C++, and more.[/I] [B][COLOR="White"]What we need[/COLOR][/B] [I]We need a staff team obviously, but what we also need is suggestions for what boards and categories to add, we will also create and release high quality pure CSS webdesigns (no images used), as well as alot more. If you are interested in becoming a staff member please pm me, and i will make a decission.[/I] [B][COLOR="White"]Advertising[/COLOR][/B] [I]After we get a few members, and a active forum i will buy advertisements on some popular websites like google adwords, and maybe some less popular sites like rune-server, and rs-ps to get some rsps people joining aswell[/I] i hope you all support me with my project and dont troll, or hate. Constructive criticism is a acceptable and encouraged alternative. [B][COLOR="White"]Donator list[/COLOR][/B] [I][COLOR="Lime"]Drive[/COLOR][/I] All donations are appreciated Progress log Green for complete, orange for in progress and red for not started [COLOR="#00FF00"]Domain name purchases Webhosting purchased IP Board licence purchased good skin ready to use [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Nameservers connecting to webhost [/COLOR] more coming soon
  6. go to there website, click download get a good webhost nextgenhost.net has a good p2h system(post to host) and has good cpanel once thats done you can use there file manager to upload the smf installation files, create the neccessary mysql databases, and usernames run the installer and enjoy, this is all common sense
  7. just pay for the codes, its the internet once you have it you can't give it back personally i hate scammers you should pay for what you took
  8. rizzy, from rslock? if so you cant steal his scripts since he cant code anything...
  9. ok, the nav looks nice, but use a background image with no text and use an unordered list to add list items with text, etc. the content area which is what looks like a basic fieldset looks bad, you should try either adding a area with a solid color, or a background image (maybe with border-radius for curved edges) also to center the content are try going to your CSS and adding margin:0 auto;, only works in ie if doctype is used hope i helped