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  1. [quote name='Kurdz']We know who you are, going around our threads and posting stupid things. First of all theres a reason its in BETA mode, we require feedback which is exactly what i posted on r-s but you 'failed' or ignored to reply. "This source" is not released out in terms of what we started off with, it was a package bought. Like i said earlier, BETA mode means bugs getting fixed, we wont release until significant amount have been fixed. Do not post ignorance.[/QUOTE] Who am I boy?
  2. Nothing worth playing here, More bugs, many people use this source and 10x as less bugs. Highly not recommended.
  3. best server out guys, this server is one of the best
  4. Love this sever,, exp rates are rewarding, same with items. Most servers are flooded with all the best items within hours or days. This will keep you playing and wanting more
  5. The Eco on this server is already trash. Log in to see max items sitting at home doing nothing. You have to thieve for hours to get dh or any gear, all sold from shops. Then no monsters hit through pray so 1 hp dh everything... Fun if you enjoy that. But if your looking for a real rsps, this is not for you.
  6. inb4 a new breed, daily servers...
  7. Server eco is ruined, my post keep getting deleted by ranger, he's got all spawned items and he's trying to protect this server, i've gotten no messages or anything telling me why my messages are being deleted, the server eco is non-existing.
  8. Really amazing server, no hand holding here, for the true players that miss the old days.
  9. 5 people on 3 are staff and other person has rares, this may be a 1 week server, most likley less.
  10. When you list private messaging as one of your features you know it's a great server.