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  1. Troll, lol. Thanks for the bump. Still in need of assistance.
  2. Hey, I plan on starting an RSPS. Whilst I've already bought a VPS, & Soon to be finished coding a website. I'm complete ass at java, I essentially only know the basics. So I really would like someone to code out a base and do some edits. I'm really willing to pay, but not necessarily with PP or MB. More like RSGP, since I'm quiting RS anyways :) Don't mind the low posts, or not being on all the time. I just don't bare the time to post on a forums anyways. So don't flame, lol. My Skype is: Theycallmejae. My MSN is: [email][email protected][/email] -Thanks.
  3. [B][I][SIZE=5]Base: Eclipse-RSPS/Devolution. Revision: 317/474.[/SIZE][/I][/B] I need an assistant coder to code through this. I'm having major problems regarding the stat list. It's majorly glitchy after trying to a skill guide. *It didn't even work, so I removed it. I request of an assistant coder to guide me through this. I'm doing a big project with a group of people, but I'm blindly lost & In need of help. Thanks for reading! Kind regards, -Jae
  4. Added you both on MSN. & Sorry Maddy, I'm talking to you now.
  5. Message me on MSN: [email][email protected][/email], we can work something out doll. :)
  6. Naughty, I wanted to quote you, but since we don't really know each other, that would seem a tad strange.. So sorry for kinda copying your requirements, it was a big help for me. Since I didn't know what to say. Again, my bad. Rhys, talk to me on MSN, we'll work something out. Cj2k10, talk to me on MSN, we can talk about a placement for you :)
  7. Add me on MSN my email is on the thread. :) *Edit; I also saw you were a hoster, I need a hoster for the server so co-owner promotion is possible.
  8. How old are you?: 17 MSN address?: [email][email protected][/email] Client side/Server Side: Both. Experience: 2+ years Java(C++) 1 year(C#) What time zone are you in?: UTC+0 How long will you be on everyday?: Preferably 6-7 hours. Any of your work(if you did)?: Mainly audible to you on MSN.
  9. I suppose I can help you. I've got 2+ years in Java(C++) encryption. My MSN is [email][email protected][/email] . I sent you a request already.
  10. I'm willing to help you, I've got over 2 years of Java(C++) education. I don't mind stepping out of my usual 317/474 area, but 508-525 I can help you with. My MSN is [email][email protected][/email] Contact me anytime.
  11. [SIZE=4]I'm currently on a quest to create a private server consisting of the "[COLOR="#008000"]Original Runescape[/COLOR]" elements.[/SIZE] *Thus I've started the ScapeServer project, April 26th, 2012.* [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=5]Before I continue into a lecture, I'd like to explain to you who I am[/SIZE][/COLOR]. My name, is Jae Martin, 17. I'm a Freshman in College, (Biochemistry Major/Biology Minor). I've got 2 years in Java(C++) coding, from a High school class I've taken. As a youngster, I grew up playing Runescape as of it's elements still trickle inside me. I'll tell you now, I miss the bloody old Runescape I grew up with. The times went by & I tell myself, "Jae, I'm gonna recreate Runescape 2006-07." Now I'm gonna do it, & I need anyone's help. Let's start what my future plans are for ScapeServer, & believe me I'm committed into this. [QUOTE] As of my plans are to develop a fine sense of how I grew up, as I remember the aspects of the original. I'm going to build the foundations of how I saw what JaGex has moulded my childhood to be. I want to build the maps, the fighting style, the monsters, the original graphics, the game it used to be. None of that Grand Exchange stuff, or any of that fancy Graphic change. I want what most people want. When Runescape was at it's prime in 2006-07. & I can't do that without people to help me. [/QUOTE] Staff; [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Owners[/COLOR][/SIZE] -*Jae(Also Coding)* -[COLOR="#0000FF"]Cj2k10[/COLOR] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF0000"]Co-Owners/Coders[/COLOR][/SIZE] +(Open) +(Open) [SIZE=3][COLOR="#800080"]Head Administrator:[/COLOR][/SIZE] -Jordan [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"]Administrators[/COLOR][/SIZE] +(Open) +(Open) +(Open) +(Open) Ingame/Forum Moderators. +(Open) ^ 4x Open slots. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=6]-Standard Application(Required)-[/SIZE][/COLOR] [QUOTE] Name: Age: Type of spot wanted: Experience in area(RS/RSPS): MSN: Experience in Runescape in-General: [/QUOTE] Also you must follow these requirements: [QUOTE] 1. Must have MSN/Skype. 2. Must have some experience with RSPS. 3. Must be 13 or older. 4. Must be Mature. 5. Must have good grammar(Crappy grammar means crappy performance.) [/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]I'm VERY lenient, so take advantage of that.[/SIZE] Thank you for reading/applying. My MSN is [email][email protected][/email]
  12. I can help you. My MSN: [email][email protected][/email]
  13. Fantastic pictures. I'm alittle suddle at thinking it's just a typical Delta, as it does look like it.. I'm willing to join, I would find it particularly great if I could speak to the coder/ hoster due to questions & such. It would be a great deal if someone would add me, nothing in preculiar, I'm just interested in whoever coded to give me some tips & ideas. My MSN; [email][email protected][/email] Thanks :)
  14. Well I'm placed at Maybe. Reason being is that... *He said he would close Gitmo - Not done. Gitmo is in the process of being closed. they have to reassign all the prisoners and that takes a good bit of time to find the right place to house them in a state that wants suspected terrorists in custody there * Illinois is actually supposedly taking them, and it's in the works. * *He said he would bring the troops home from Iraq - Not done and he expanded the war in Afghanistan. When Obama was elected he SAID, and EVERYONE WANTED him to expand Afghan. He did so. Iraq is drawing to a close, you don't understand how slow it is to move that many troops and that much equipment in a timely manner. *He said he would end the patriot act - Not only did he keep it, he expanded it. The three portions permit roving wiretaps, the seizure of certain business records and the monitoring of suspected "lone wolf" terrorists. Mr. Weich said the administration is willing to consider modifications that provide additional privacy protections provided they do not undermine the effectiveness of the provisions. Doesn't sound so terrible.. And what expansion? *He said he would take a scalpel to the US budget - He's spent unprecedented amounts of money and hasn't cut a single thing. Tell me exactly your plan for restarting the economy of a country this large..... Does he even have one?
  15. Marijuana.. It would be terrific if they would legalize it. It would balance our budget, fight crime and make hemp a top agricultural crop that would be cheaper than many other materials. But, because of Marijuana's history of lies and deception, it is illegal; -It all started when William Randolf Hearst ran a smear campaign against Marijuana in the 1930's because hemp was affecting his timber industry, being a cheaper way to make paper. This is the reason it was originally outlawed in 1937. The illegality eventually "upgraded," if you will, when the United States government classified Marijuana as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. -Ten or so years later, the Reagan administration declared it's federal "War on Drugs" and began placing people convicted of the possession or sale of Marijuana into ridiculously long prison sentences which crippled the black community. Crack and other stronger drugs of the time of course were more responsible for this, but the War on Drugs as a whole has been a complete and utter failure and is tearing families apart and causing law abiding citizens to be placed into a place where murderers and rapists belong, not drug users. In my opinion, Marijuana will be eventually be legalized during this generations lifetime, but until then expect to see similar trends continue to push against it.