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  1. Hello, Yesterday I dumped some config and I would like to know how I use them. It dumped 3 value which is : ID --> I know what it is... anInt2021 --> What is this? anInt2024 --> What is this? They are unsigned byte but I don't have any clue of what it is... If anyone could give me a hint on what it is used for or maybe how to use them, I would be more than happy! Thanks in advance!
  2. I also wonder how to do that. I know it's a old thread but never been answered.
  3. Hello, When I try to examine an NPC, I always get this error in the command. [WorldPacketsDecoder] Missing packet 92, expected size: 3, actual size: 3 the packet in packetLoader were already added. I also added private final static int NPC_EXAMINE_PACKET = 92; I added the case else if (packetId == NPC_EXAMINE_PACKET){ //do stuff } But it's like if it doesn't care about it... Nothing to do, still the same error. Note: I am compiling.
  4. Hello, What must I add to make the ChildID show up on the console when a button is clicked? I mean, I don't know which packet to use. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I was wondering how I can change the subtext on the interfaces? eg. On the slayer reward interface, when you mouse hover Buy Slayer XP, you see how much slayer XP you can buy (10,000 XP is shown) And also how to change the Option name of the button eg. When right clicking on the button to buy xp it says Buy XP. And if you also know about how to change the color of the text it would be nice! Note that I just need the name of each of these method. I don't ask to get spoon-fed. Thanks in advance! EDIT: By subtext I mean the messages that popup in the beige box when hovering an interface button: [ATTACH=CONFIG]5337[/ATTACH]