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  1. You can use google for all of this. It's not difficult.
  2. Go back to your other thread where you were asking for help instead of making a new thread. Honestly at this point I don't know if you're just trolling or not.
  3. GkCha0z

    whats the client name?

    If this is the dawntained you're talking about (www.dawntained.com) then I'm pretty sure it's PI so 317 is the protocol. What you should do is. 1: Google how to set up a RSPS (Google everything. google is your friend) 2: There are tones of things you need to troubleshoot these days so basic java knowledge is needed otherwise see if somebody is able to help you set it up. 3: I recommend just using google to troubleshoot your problems if you don't know what to do. Don't post here otherwise you won't get any help and you'll just waste time.
  4. 95% for Jack and 5% for you? Neither of you deserve that much praise.
  5. I think it looks great. Although does not suit an RSPS. Still a very good job.
  6. I'll gladly help you out.
  7. GkCha0z


    I think that she is stupid, and that is all I will say.
  8. [quote name='jarrodboydtehe'][u][b][color="#ff0000"] honestly don't know why people post advertisement threads that are so dull & plain, should make a rule that the advertisement has to look decent.[/color][/b][/u][/QUOTE] There are rules like that. Your red underlined text is fucking annoying alright.
  9. GkCha0z

    [PI]Bones problems.

    It's probably in ClickItem or some bullshit I'm guessing.
  10. GkCha0z

    Help me please

    [quote name='Scotticus']Those strings need to be Or at least one of them does..[/QUOTE] Why? and are both local ips.
  11. Are you really looking for staff members on here?.... Oh god.