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  1. I have the code that i want to add to Clickitem.java notepad but i believe i placed it in the wrong spot inside that folder so its not letting me successfully compile it. PLease someone help me? If you want to see problem, add your skype below plz .
  2. Please could someone help me that has experience with these servers? i need to fix the accept trade option it wont let me. but it allows me to decline
  3. Hello i try and run my client and and this is what it shows me i want to find out how to fix this problem please someone help me. [IMG]http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb431/Joelx781/javaclientfail.png[/IMG]:(
  4. Yes, but i went into client and found 2 folders that said Client.java and i tried to change both the ip's inside that. and change it to the localhost ip which is
  5. I need help being able to actually login to my Rsps server using the client it was provided with it inside the package folder. it isnt letting me. Please someone help me out. Here is the link to the source+client im using : [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?43881-Pi-ErasedPkz-Full-summoning-Bob-Torva-Beast-Combat!-602[/url] It isnt letting me fully sign into my own server it will sign in but then say "connection lost" and sign me back out. Please someone help me fix this problem so i can get online my own server and be able to see the Changes i need to make to it and also see what the server is like. Thank you !
  6. thanks for trying to help but the client and the source came together in a package so its right one.
  7. YEs they came in a package and also i have all the ip's set to
  8. Why do i get "Connection Lost" im running off localhost etc. off of ip and it logs me in but then connection loses and signs me out? what could be problem?
  9. Well when i try and open a recent client that i have downloaded. its not letting me be able to even login to my server while i have client and source turned on. It will tell me my java is incorrect or something like that saying "error connecting to server", on the client.
  10. Hello could someone help me please? how do i make it so i can be able to connect my source to my client and be able to use it offline and code it etc. and also test my server when im only one using it offline? please someone help me . Thanks