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  1. One of my friend also faced such kind of problem in their laptop and after checking laptop the problem is in Battery. So I also suggest you to check that your battery working properly or not. If it is so then it might be problem with RAM or Hard drive.
  2. Thanks for the sharing such a useful and interesting computer Tutorials in this thread. These all tip are really wonderful and impressive. This will improve my knowledge about computing and provide better computer experience.
  3. I am using Powerbot and according to my experience it is better then ******* as it can run more time then *******. It fletching more scripts with powerbot and run whole day without get crashing or interrupting.
  4. I like to watch action, adventurous and Mysterious movies and some of my most favorite movies are Inside man, The italian job, Red dragon, Deja vu, The IP man, Titanic, Die hard four, The hurt locker, Sherlock holmes dark shadow, Batman darknight etc.
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    PC Games

    I suggest you some game to play which are my most favorite such as CDS desert storm, Freedom fighter, NFS most wanted, Call of duty four, Counter strike, Angry birds, Plant vs. zombies, Total overdose, God of war etc.