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  1. idk i have no clue who you are

  2. what is yo nammee!

  3. long time no see biatch ;)

  4. Would remember you anyday. I loved you when I was a kid, I saw you all the time like 2 -3 years ago.

  5. do i know you lol? You seem like someone I remember. Anyways, would always like to chat, [email protected], jkatzjk96 - skype.

  6. come on skype.

  7. 24 hour clearing of database

  8. hi guess what i got xD

  9. Oh someone told me you do vote for cash systems.

  10. How much is a vote system?

  11. Militus is online.

  12. Lol thats the problem, it doesnt work.

  13. scott, would you mind helping an old friend out? I desperately need ya.

  14. long day yesterday.

  15. ahh hello! I never really have ever spoken to you. As you can see, I am a bit more well known on this site :p. Would always like to chat, [email protected] or skype. jkatzjk96

  16. yessir. and this is?

  17. neither do I, but they claim it will be out between feb 25th and march.

  18. Is that the #antinuke thing?

  19. I am soo frustrated its just a rsbot copy. You think pb will be a new bot?