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  1. Holy shit this thread is old. I highly doubt the cache is still uploaded, if someone has it they can reupload it but my computer has been cleaned so hopefully someone still has it lying around.
  2. I appreciate that you liked the server this much. I support you trying to remake this, but all you have is a client and a server right not which isn't going to attract anybody. Good luck with this, I'll be sure to follow along.
  3. Hey man, next chance you have could you check your messages please?

  4. Can you say gravedig??????
  5. Why don't you actually tell him certain parts that are not working so he would be able to easily locate the problem rather than whining at him to fix it. Nothing gets done when you nag people.
  6. What you said does not even make sense. Anyone who downloads my source, which is nearly 1k now, will see that run.bat is perfectly fine, you just seem mentally retarded because you cannot even speak.
  7. client.java client sided. search "server ="
  8. [quote name='OwnsterChief']OH god is that implying, that it can be easily be packet hacked? also meaning the base is kinda shitty, but your work is decent, I may take a look at this :). OH GOD THIS IS MAKING ME SICK, highscores.txt da fuck...... also I like to add there is an .exe in the source, nice try, I didn't run it -.-.[/QUOTE] You must be brain dead and partially retarded. [code] [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off title Acquittal java -Xmx800m -cp bin;deps/poi.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/RuneTopListV2.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar;deps/jython.jar;log4j-1.2.15.jar; server.Server pause[/code] There is the run.bat, nothing changed/edited. Highscores.txt is not being used, you can go ahead and remove it, don't know why the fuck your complaining about that here.. Also tons of other bases including Hyperion, Apollo, and rs2hd can all be packet hacked, and I doubt you even know what that means, so please stop embarrassing yourself.
  9. [quote name='iTamp0nz']06scape is attracting a lot of players, and it's old-school. Completely contradicts your first sentence. :| Should've kept going...[/QUOTE] 06scape also has millions of bots on all forums, and social media, and a couple thousand dollars to buy advertising, and thats one server lol.. Also it is PI, and repackaged for more convenience.