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  1. ThePanda

    Minecraft Cracked?

    Or get a cracked account, I can always get you one, But how long they last is unsure. DONT CHANGE SKIN / PW.
  2. Haven't been on for a while! So It's nice to see you all again. :cool:
  3. ThePanda

    Requesting a Ban

    I Don't want my account getting hacked, So thus i'm requesting a vacation ban.
  4. ThePanda

    Requesting a Ban

    I don't go on here much, So I'd like to request a ban until 1st May 2012. Bye. :cool:
  5. Blackberry, It has more fucking features whereas apple wants to rip us off.
  6. This server never lasted a month. Tut..tut..tutt..
  7. I agree with AlexCodes Why try to take on something so way out of your league?
  8. ThePanda

    The Staff League

    This is pointless, If you were hoping this to be stickied or something It's a big no no.
  9. ThePanda

    My New Toy!

    I'm so staying away from you now.
  10. i think it's encrypted with a md5 hash.
  11. [quote name='Ikiliki']No don't worry, it's alright. My name is JustKingston. I think it's possible to add tags later by the way. If anyone wants to train, go go, I'm signing on too[/QUOTE] You kept killing me. Damn you Ikiliki.
  12. I'm not sure if mine has. :/ i has an Emachiinness.
  13. That's not helpful.. I know that I need toonshorty's advice..