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  2. hi, I added in Player.java an int, now every existing player can't login because he don't have this int in his safegame. I don't want to add 200 times this, where could I delete this shit that you don't need this int to login, or, where could I make that every existing player has this int? I jsut can login with a new acc..
  3. Hi , how could I do that? I want a list with ::dlist , that check every player on this server if he's donator == 1. I don't know how I could get the list of every player on this server, I just know whats the function for every players who's online :S Help me pls julien
  4. Hi, I want to make a webclient with an auto cache downloader, tryed it, it worked, but for a loading 604, so the d hatchet was a zamorakian spear. Could someone help me? I'll send you the link for the cache, if it's possible for free :S Julien
  5. It didn't work well, now , the object is invisible, so noone can stand there where it was :S
  6. Hi, how could I delte objects that aren't defined in ActionSender with sendCreateObject? I tryed deleteStaticObject but it didn't work so I think this isn't the right cmd :D Please help me :D Julien (New owner of his own priv server :D [url]www.rs-metalheart.tk[/url])
  7. Ah and do you know where I could use an event, that I jsut have to click on a npc once to attack it/trade with it? I didn't find this file, I just found a file, but there I would have to add it to every case, so the could would be to large :S
  8. Bump or what ever :D Google doesn't help me :S
  9. Titandino you said Thx, I'll do that today, but like: thx, i will that today make :D Flamingo, thx for the example :D
  10. Im so proud of my idea :D. Can you give me an example with an event?
  11. Did it work for you??? And if the answer is yes. How??????
  12. Hi, on many private servers, you have to click twice to go through a door or a portal, because 1. to walk there and 2. to enter. It's really simple to make everything with 1 click, use a timer! Tutorial: Go to src>com>rs2hd (or what ever)>packethandler> object1packethandler.java 1. Import that you can use a timer [CODE]import java.util.Timer; import java.util.TimerTask;[/CODE] 2. Now, make a Timer and a Task [CODE]final Timer timer = new Timer(); TimerTask task = new TimerTask() { public void run() {[/CODE] 3.here, you give the command, what should happen when the timer is active, so I give you an example with a portal If you reach the coordinates x y, you get teleported [CODE] if (player.getLocation().getX() == 3363 && player.getLocation().getY() == 9630) { player.tele(2590, 3087, 2); timer.cancel();[/CODE] Cancel the timer close all opened { 4. To activate the timer, use this cmd: [CODE]timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task, 500, 700);[/CODE] the 500 means, the timer will try to check if you stand at x y after 0.5 seconds the 700 means, the 2., 3., 4., ... timer, the timer will check it after .7 sec. NOW THIS IS THE CASE: [CODE]case 10782: final Timer timer = new Timer(); TimerTask task = new TimerTask() { public void run() { if (player.getLocation().getX() == 3363 && player.getLocation().getY() == 9630) { player.tele(2590, 3087, 2); timer.cancel(); } } }; timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task, 500, 500); break; [/CODE] I hope I helped someone, and sorry for my english, I speak german so :D Julien I know it would be a really long code, so you could make a funktion or sth
  13. @Leeet where could I start? :s @Composite and what if I already deleted it? I try 2 add it again at the same location, compile, then put into location 10 10 0 :-) I'll tell you if it worked @Mercenary Yes, I deleted the right thing :S Thx
  14. Hi, I added on a 562 Server some objects at home with player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(848, 0, 3165, 3467, -2, 10); Now I wanted to delte this shit, delted the line, compiled, run the server. And this fucking object is there, why? and there are about 2000 altars everywhere on the map why? (Revengescape) Thx Julien