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  1. [quote name='Demon Scopez']you realize this is a release, not an advertisement.[/QUOTE] He's showing off a picture in his release about barrows when it doesn't work. I thought it was pretty self-explanatory that my response didn't hint at this being an advertisement rofl.
  2. You advertise barrows however it does not even work.
  3. Voted no because it will get boring way to quickly.
  4. Server 02/11/2013 - NPC Facing 02/12/2013 - Magic/Range Clipping (Player VS Player) + NPC 02/12/2013 - Following Clipping (NPC + PLAYER) 02/12/2013 - Diagonal Combat Fixed Client 03/11/2013 - Enhanced lighting 03/11/2013 - Packed couple sprites into cache 02/12/2013 - Finished the client, couple minor bugs to fix 02/12/2013 - F Keys added 02/12/2013 - Amazing switching
  5. [CENTER][IMG]http://exigence.org/forums/images/misc/vbulletin4_logo.png[/IMG] [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2]Developed by [url=http://www.****************/members/origin/][COLOR="#FF0000"]Origin[/COLOR][/url] and [url=http://www.****************/members/enzyme/][COLOR="#FF0000"]Enzyme[/COLOR][/url], we are bringing back Exigence for the last time.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT] [CENTER][FONT=Book Antiqua]With a twist and combination of an economy and player vs player server we established Exigence. Known in the past as a hybrid server, we hope to bring back the fun and old memories rs hybrids had. Bringing back the fun in Exigence as well as a competitive environment, we hope this server is enjoyable for ourselves to play as well as others.[/FONT] [CENTER][FONT=Book Antiqua]The server will be designed to bring back and enforce the life the wildy had before things changed. We plan on using this base and exploiting it's contents on a mission to make our game play enjoyable to our type of audience. Hopefully this will turn out into something fun for us, maybe we won't even host it.[/FONT][/CENTER] [FONT=Book Antiqua]Perfect Switching Working Magebank Working Pirate Hut Lockpick functionality Integrated Economy/Pvp System Skilling Rewards/Pvp Rewards Stable Client Clan Wars 100% Dupes Fixed List will be updated with more ideas.[/FONT] Please realize the gif quality isn't that good. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1dzwklv.gif[/IMG] Server Images: (Re-worked today) [IMG]https://dl.dropbox.com/s/qls6hj9wt5fzbh4/bdqYjkW.png[/IMG] [IMG]https://dl.dropbox.com/s/k54bseq6duxhw2s/JXVALOU.png[/IMG] Credits: Others, KINDLY let me know of names. Rune-Server & Runelocus Enzyme Origin(Alex)[/CENTER]
  6. [quote name='Emperor']Thee shallt not visit thee website as we are without webdevelopee and thus are without website[/QUOTE] art thou words spoken bring fear nd' sadness upon thy ;(
  7. Tip: Don't use a name with RUNE in it. Kinda makes it look cheesy.
  8. Glad everything is working out for you Tom.
  9. [quote name='iSkyro']You sir, are a dumb ass. Seriously, I find it funny how you are judging if I coded this or not. When in reality, it's way better then half of these shitty forums for some RSPSs. If I had a vBulletin, it would be 10x better.[/QUOTE] How am I a dumb asss? You didn't write that code. Shut up.
  10. [quote name='iSkyro'] Here is proof that I coded them myself: [IMG]http://gyazo.com/9866e78871a9a9718a9a45cf536641ca.png[/IMG] [/quote] All of this was already pre-existent code in the software. I can guarantee that you didn't write any of this up because in most versions of IPB this is all pre-written. [quote name='iSkyro'] Here is the footer code I did: [IMG]http://gyazo.com/fa1f69e685114149caeac1020d9f7443.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] Again, the footer code was already there, you just added in your own Hentage copyright to it. Which is very easy when you already have the code right in front of you. Don't try to turn this on me because the footer is pre-written with the IPB branded license at the bottom of the forum so it is already there. case closed.
  11. I wouldn't classify this as "web-developer" more as ability to work with particular forum software rather than languages.
  12. Jesus, I haven't seen a cut-scene look nice in an rsps.
  13. If you need any help just ask, you have me on skype. I run my own forum services and am very experienced so if you have any questions just ask. Sadly im very busy now ;(