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  1. josh125

    I need advice

    [B]Ok, well i used to own a RSPS about 3 years ago that was delta based, i put my all into it for over a year, But i need advice. I've just wanted to get back into making a RSPS again and i need to re-teach myself java coding again, will still have a rough idea on what to do but i want to know, What types of servers are in now days? Ive seen PI is apparently going well in servers, is there anything anybody reccommends? Like a certain server i should start working with? If i start a PI should i use the original sanity base and client, and build it up from there? Need advice..!:)[/B]
  2. [CENTER][B][COLOR="#000000"]Hey guys, Well i need a good coder for my server who knows alot to do with project insanity base, I havn't really got the time for coding with the server. We have a VPS with Burst.net & the server is very stable, It's been up for 7 days before until i did an update to the server so its pretty stable. I need someone who i can trust to code the server. They can be a [Co-owner]/[Coder] Whatever you want to be of the server. The server will become a successfull server. We have 120+ Char files registered but recently iv been messing around with the server so theres an average of 5 people on at a time, But we need a good coder who is commited to with the server & making it better. I think myself and whoever i choose to code with me will make a great team, and a great successful server together. I am currently changing the website as its rubbish.[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR="#FF0000"][B]PM Me or reply to the post. [LIST] [*]Why do you think i should choose you? [*]How much experiance do you have with PI? [*]What are your best quality's at coding? [*]Will you be commited?/How long do you think you will be on the server Daily? [/LIST] [/B][/COLOR] [B][I]Website:[/I][/B] [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]www.battlereality.net[/COLOR][/B] [B][I]Forums:[/I][/B] [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]www.forums.battlereality.net[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]
  3. josh125

    PI Desktop Client

    How do i make a Client that is Already made for a webclient into a Desktop client? Because I have a working webclient but some of the players prefer Desktop client. What files do i change ? & Do i sign anything?
  4. Hey, well i have had success in making other webclients & working for others but i have a problem with InsanityX I have tried to Jar & Sign the insanityX Client but when i try to download the cache on my second laptop it doesn't auto-download. When i Jar the client its only 550kb where as when i jar another client its around 3mb. When im on my other laptop i just get "error trying again in 5 seconds..." I have downloaded the Fixed InsanityX client so they when the client loads up it locates the cache from the C: drive & not from C:\Users\... How can i fix this problem?
  5. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    Could you take a look on Teamviewer please?
  6. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    Done it already. When the server is on it says success we can see you nothing is blocking your ISP.
  7. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    Yes i have. I really don't see what i have done wrong.
  8. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    Urm well I have changed the IP in all client file's. And i have followed several tutorials on Jaring and im pretty sure i have done it right,
  9. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    Lol.. That tutorial is like 2 years old and isn't the same for PI... I have jar'd it right or it wouldn't load for people.. I said they get an error logging in
  10. josh125

    InsidiaX Client

    I have made a webclient but people can't connect on my No-ip The webclient loads fine for people. I have made so many post's in the last few days and getting moaned at for it. If someone actually helped me and told me the way to actually make it work i wouldn't be doing it.. They get the 'Error connecting to server' message when they try login. I have changed all the IP's in the client from and i can't find a IP to change server Side.. Whats the problem please?
  11. josh125

    PI Webclient Error

    Hey well i have made a webclient using a PI Client. I have tried it myself by going on the website and deleteing my cache then going on the webclient and the cache downloads fine. But i have told 4 people to try load up the webclient and they all get the same error: 'Error click for details'. But for me it actualy works and auto-downloads the cache.. What would the problem be?
  12. I need help with a webclient [PI] but nobody on here never ever help's. Iv tried every tutorial and it just isn't working. WTF
  13. Nope I dont play Real RS