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  1. This is more than beautiful. Joining. GL
  2. Def looking into this.. :). Good luck!
  3. Message me if this project is still going.. Interested
  4. Good job. - Bob Marley. You know me, I went on vacation and my Skype got whipped out. :/
  5. MethUser

    Matrix II

    [MENTION=534]Cjay0091[/MENTION] Hey, I would like to know if I could try to be your Graphic Designer. I have extreme talent, so please, add me on Via Skype @ All4pking. I can also show you previous work. So please, add me ASAP. You can also add me Via MSN @ [email][email protected][/email]. :)
  6. This is very nice. Add me on Skype: GrizzMe. We can chat about the server.
  7. MethUser

    Amanda Todd

    Well, lets see. No one tried to helper?
  8. Very nice. Any forums ect yet? Need to follow this.
  9. Bumb for you. Username is : Bob Marley :)
  10. This project, of course will be amazing. I am following this! Also, this Ryan and I have been talking with you on Skype! Good luck!
  11. S3 by just a little. The iPhone series has impressed me, but they break, and ware out WAY to easily.
  12. Nothing interesting, everyone has these features.. Anyways, goodluck.