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  1. Why would the entirety of Runescape music, even in midi format, be only 2.62 MB?
  2. Any number of problems, could you at least post your source and revision? From the information you've given me, it seems as though the custom npc is not defined in the npc data file.
  3. Comment out: [code] sendMessage("Alert##Welcome to InsidiaX!##Register on the forums by typing ::register !## More Votes = MORE Players"); [/code]
  4. For those who have, how have you managed to handle harvesting the (13) different herbs when there is only one herb object in the cache? (Without cache editing) What method of identification did you use? For example, a player plants two different herbs. How would I tell them apart without adding too many troublesome variables? I could use a herb identifier variable that is set upon planting, but how would I have it stay the same without changing when the second herb is planted and without the use of an extra variable/multidimensional array?
  5. So you took one of the lists floating around in a 317/508 source and reformatted it? Well, thanks (but no thanks) for taking the time to make it presentable, but to be honest, all the coords in there are ones we already have. At least spell 'altar' and 'weird' correctly if you're going to waste time. This is by no means 'huge'.
  6. No-one? I know there are a few incomplete ones out there, what I want is one that lists 35, 131, 181, 237 and 249. I'm not up to the level of decrypting (?) streams yet and don't particularly want to rip them from other sources without knowing what they are.
  7. If you complain about me not giving you 'perfect' code, I wish you happiness in ignorance for the rest of your life and will not respond. Please don't tell me you read [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?906-Help-Topic-Format[/url]. [code] if (isInWilderness) { for (int i = 0; i > 28; i ++) { getEngine().itemHandler.createGroundItem(playerItems[i]-1, getX(), getY(), playerItemsN[i], getIndex()); getItems().deleteItem(playerItems[i], i, playerItemsN[i]); } } [/code] This tells the server to delete all the items from your inventory upon death and create them as ground items ONLY if the player is in the wilderness. Add that into where you see: [code]setAnimation(836);[/code] Which is the death animation.
  8. Aphelion5

    adding npc

    So you've followed these steps? 1) Add in the npc spawn file your npc spawn entry? [code]spawn = ### x-coord y-coord height upper-x-range upper-y-range lower-x-range lower-y-range facing description[/code] 2) Add in the npcoption2 method a handler for the specific npc case? [code]case ###: openShop(#); break;[/code] 3) Add in the shop configuration file the shop items and parameters (buy/sell-able)? [code]shop = ## title selltype buytype item quantity item quantity[/code] 4) Have a shophandler class/method that deals with: a) Updating shops? b) Loading shops? 5) Checked all the above?
  9. Aphelion5

    adding npc

    It also helps if you read the post I made. Or I can state it more explicitly - Tell me your base, revision and what you've already tried. [Edit] You ruined my 117th post. John is not happy.
  10. I hate you reko. I was going to say that. On topic, I probably won't be that active, although if you have some small issues I can help iron them out. Flick me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
  11. Aphelion5

    adding npc

    It's generally not a good idea trying to badmouth people who want to help, or are giving [U]constructive [/U]criticism. Also, it's a good idea if you first learn the basics of java before trying to code a server, or even put an image in your signature. No respectable owner/coder would need to ask for help of this type if they put an image like that in their signature. It's just showing immaturity, an unwillingness to learn and an inclination towards hubris. (In case you're actually 12, it means don't show off if you don't know what you're talking about. Constructive criticism.) This will help. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?906-Help-Topic-Format[/url]. So far, I've only seen an incomplete problem identification from you. Please provide base, revision and other information such as what you've done, what you've tried, etc. With the information you've given me, I can suggest any number of things, but that would imply that I am willing to waste time. So I'm going to suggest two things. 1) Add a case in your NPC Option 2 or 3 method. It should function similar to: [code]case ###: // This number should be the NPC ID of the shop NPC. openShop(##); // This number should be the shop ID. break;[/code] 2) Add a shop entry into the shops.cfg file. Also, it wouldn't kill you to use proper grammar whatever method of communication you're using. If you can type as fast as anyone, then it won't matter - you're not saving more time by using slang and abbreviations when you could just as easily press your point using correct English. It also implies maturity, professionalism and a seriousness towards your craft (Anyone else get the Nietzche reference?).
  12. After half a year, people are still the same :( You used a space instead of a tab between the 1 and 13362 values.
  13. Is there a list of 317 client-server packets complete with stream data? I've hit a roadblock with magic in an iClarity Source so the ones I want are 35, 131, 181, 237, 249. Thanks in advance.
  14. Aphelion5

    Self Confidence

    [quote name='Boolean']I don't see why we have developed this thought in our head that other peoples opinions of you matter, and you will do mostly anything to be 'cool' and things like that. The only opinion the matters is your own; it's your life and you should only live it to what you want to live it to. You shouldn't be somebody your not just to get a better image from others. Self confidence is really important, if you get trapped into thinking other peoples opinions about you matter and get put down, the effects can be pretty serious.[/QUOTE] While that's a good point, society works on relationship between others - if everyone was as independent and selfish (I'm not attacking you here), there would be no organization to a business, no structure of government, etc. While it's good that you apparently have such self-confidence, hubris isn't a good thing to pick up along the way. I'm pretty confident and independent about myself in real life, but I still want to maintain relationships I have, and maybe that means occasionally doing something more suited to for a friend's enjoyment than mine, but you're right in the sense that I wouldn't do something really out of my comfort zone for anyone at all.
  15. Aphelion5


    What happened to: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?42272-Is-time-a-human-invention-or-property-of-the-universe[/url] ?