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  1. You should really join, lots of fun guaranteed!
  2. [quote name='Giom']awesome server!! :D[/QUOTE] Nice to hear!
  3. [quote name='GuyFromPoo']new VPS really made a diff,much smoother bossing now,many more drops to come[/QUOTE] Nice to hear!
  4. We have just upgraded our vps to a much better one! Silky smooth now and no lagg at all!
  5. [quote name='einoh']pm if you wish to have new dev[/QUOTE] Will consider
  6. [quote name='GuyFromPoo']updates keep coming,xp rates heading to perfection also ice strykes are awesome,keep it up![/QUOTE] [quote name='N2K1']Fun, Reliable, and awesome server! I couldn't ask more from the admin, coming from the King of Pvm on HH. Join us![/QUOTE] Thanks guys!
  7. [video=youtube;Mtiz2BLJAw0]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtiz2BLJAw0[/video]
  8. [quote name='Derpec']Yes, but if you want it to become more professional then make sure to stay on topic, etc. This is just my advise though.[/QUOTE] Okay, thanks for the advise!
  9. [quote name='Derpec']The only downfall I see in this, I saw your announcements on your forum and you put like (lol) at the end of a "Topic Title" I'd make it more professional. This is just me though :) Good luck with it though.[/QUOTE] Haha okay I'll consider that, we're just starting out though so there can be some laughs
  10. Farming has been added, we now have almost all skills working smoothly (except dung)
  11. Newest update today: Ice stryke wyrms, dropping SOL (rare)
  12. [quote name='GuyFromPoo']Love dags update,many more updates to come with new players![/QUOTE] Glad you're enjoying it!
  13. [quote name='storm powner']enjoying this server[/QUOTE] I'm glad to hear that!
  14. Dagganoth kings are now added and the first staff member has been picked. Two more mod positions open at this moment!
  15. Dagganoths (Rex, Prime and Supreme) being added soon!