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  1. When i try add a server it ask me to login which i do with this account name and password. But I keeps say wrong password or username. I know that its right as i just logged into here. So i tried making a new account and i still have not got an email to activate my account and it made it over 24 hours ago. Some one please help me. Thanks
  2. EDIT-NVM was a Scam

  3. heres what it says when i try run it.\ [ATTACH=CONFIG]5478[/ATTACH]
  4. OK thank you so much!!!!!!!!
  5. please help me guys. I downloaded a models pack and i just tryed to add one of them. I added all the models to the models folder then I put the info into class.8 which came with the pack i got. Then i went into game and type " add model 1123 (that not the model id just random). When i done all that i tryed to spawn it useing "::pickup 13888 1" After i done all that it freeze on me and i cant log back into the account with out it freezing. someone please help me out with this problem.
  6. hey guys, i need to make a cleint for offers i cant find any guides. im working with delta so if some one could plzz help me out.. thanks guys
  7. What do you want me to do?? options. *I can make the client and source and make it work on your pc on TV. thats comes with a basic TUT *I can do first option and do a bigger TUT after we got it up if u have questions that u need help with u pay on how long it takes me to help you add me on skype
  8. Ok cool, I will be giving them more then just a server up i show them how to edit simple stuff. EG- shop items, npc spwan
  9. For all u people out there who just say i want to make a server well i am here to help u guys. I will get u a working client and source make u owner and sow u the basics. I do charge a little bit of rsgp for my help. add me on skype is u want my help on getting you your very own server.
  10. playboy298

    fuxing nulls

    i have done that after i added all the info still not working
  11. playboy298

    fuxing nulls

    hey guys, I'm working on my delta server and I'm trying to add new models. I just tried to add Primal 2h. When I add it I add the models to the models folder and the cache as well. Then I go into the Class.8 notepad and add all the info there. After I done all that I go on server and do ::add models ******. That's when it comes up as a null when I spawn it if some one could please help me out with this problem. thanks.
  12. first off sorry about my spelling :( ok so i downloaded a source and client for this website. and i cant login just for me. pics when i try login this is what it says [ATTACH=CONFIG]4884[/ATTACH] i am running the soruce this is what it says [ATTACH=CONFIG]4885[/ATTACH] tell me if u need more info to help me