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  1. He easily could use a proxy. Hell- I can connect from my neighbors net, and my IP gets reassigned to one that actually lists to their home/IP. (Cause everyone behind the router has the same one.)
  2. This is very small, not even worthy of posting. Everyone should know how to do this, I know. I've played multiple PI sources, yet known of them have Character Design on first login. You have a set look, and talk to the Makeover Mage... which is stupid, IMO. Here's how to add it. Find: if (addStarter) Above: getPA().addStarter(); Add: getPA().showInterface(3559); canChangeAppearance = true; Credits: 100% Me? It's not even worthy of credits cause it's so small. Just tired of the PI based servers being nooby and not having this.
  3. Don't look fixed to me? Still porn adverts + kids email. I honestly think it was that one guy who was bitching about being banned/reset on the toplist for cheating. The server sites that we're hacked, we're oddly enough the ones who he tried to bring down.
  4. Stop just copying pasting all of peoples stuff over here. Let them do it themselves.