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  1. Hello, I am having a very strange issue, I am getting fluctuating ping on my private server, even though I'm connecting via localhost. The ping stays at around 1-2ms, but every few seconds, it will jump up to 400-700, for a second, and then back down. Can anyone help me locate the cause of this problem? Thankyou. I'm using Chronicscape Project v2 Final Release Source and Client.
  2. You need to import NPC. If that class exists, Which I don't believe it does on Clients.. ? I'm not sure..
  3. I did just list one.. It works fine, and isn't the worst method to use.
  4. Bumping or Double posting is against the rules. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?7585-No-bumping-or-double-posting[/url]
  5. Navigate to the NPC class (NPC.java within the npc folder.....) 1.Find: [QUOTE]if (getFreezeDelay() < Utils.currentTimeMillis()) {[/QUOTE] 2.Under that, insert: [QUOTE]setRandomWalk(false);[/QUOTE] 3.And under that....insert...... [QUOTE]if(id == ###) setRandomWalk(false);[/QUOTE] (REPLACE ### with your npc id....)
  6. If you could post the full error message it would be very helpful!
  7. That's not an error, It's a warning, It pretty much means nothing. It happens to alot of people, just leave it; it's fine! Whatever you tried to compile has compiled successfully!
  8. I have been looking though the code for about 3 hours now, trying to find where the URL for the online cache is, from where it downloads; however I cannot find it, and i'm wondering if anyone knows how to change the URL for the auto cache download, as I wish to make my own cache files for my server.
  9. Draesia

    Hd problem

    What client? Just try changing the client to a similar revision. It worked for me..
  10. You need another "}" Somewhere. Try throw one in at the end. if not, you might have to check all your other statements for where it goes..
  11. int targetSlot = Equipment.getItemSlot(itemId); if (targetSlot == -1) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You can't wear that."); return true; } It's because of that, since it's new items you need to change the wearing slot in your Item Definitions
  12. can you send me the full send wear method?
  13. [CODE] public static boolean sendWear(Player player, int slotId, int itemId) { if (player.hasFinished() || player.isDead()) return false; Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(slotId); if (item == null || item.getId() != itemId) return false; if (item.getDefinitions().isNoted()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You can't wear that."); return true; }[/CODE] Try that. By the way, Can you wear anything else?
  14. Okay well, id start by looking what is going on when you wear it.. Search for the message that it says (you cant wear that) in all your files. (So you can find where its not allowing you) After that read though the code and temporarely disable the if statement causing things to become unwearable