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  1. [code]public static void setTab(int id) { needDrawTabArea = true; tabID = id; tabAreaAltered = true; }[/code]
  2. I beg to differ, Apache is an amazing developer and you kids can continue the hatred towards him because I'm sure he has a bag of fucks to give but none of them are to you. You're all just jealous of Apache. Faggots.
  3. This allows them not only to be seen, but to be picked up?
  4. World.(methodAddingObject)
  5. Same dialogue as NPC, just remove the Entity part of the dialogue making it automatically send the options without any 'Welcome' text to continue to the options. Enjoy.
  6. MrTorva. $5 and I can do it in just a few seconds.
  7. This is basically done client sided. FloatBuffer.java Goodluck.
  8. How about making this work with an actual interface instead of those silly commands? LUL. Would be much better, also could make yourself some money.
  9. Cache editor should fix your problems. As the guy above me said.
  10. Port forward by doing this. Click start. Open control panel. Click windows firewall settings. Click advanced. Select the 'Inbound' option. New rule on the right hand side. Select port and hit next. Do this both for TCP UDP with the port # that you use: example 43594 Make sure you 'Allow the connection' on both TCP and UDP. Restart your server and you should be able to connect with your NO-IP/VPS/Dedi :D Enjoy.
  11. Get the cache sided objects.... those are fugly as fug.
  12. Path variables must be set to a specific path to read JDK and JRE
  13. Mr Torva

    Help Fixing LAG

    You could possible have a deadlock or mem leak. Most 317's have them and they aren't hard to find. Try cleaning up your processes.
  14. Nothing to do with the ranging skill, check your PlayerCombat.java and see where its requirements meet bolts/arrows/knifes/darts and see if they are even added.
  15. Lmao, you must be pretty stupid to not see whats going on here? Let me explain for you: [code]} else if (itemId == 1438 && object.getId() == 2452) { } else if (itemId == 18830 && object.getDefinitions().name.equals("Altar")) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("The Gods Accept Your Gift."); // This sends a message after you use the bones on the alter. player.getInventory().deleteItem(new Item(18830, 1)); // Deletes the bones. player.getSkills().addXp(Skills.PRAYER, 1000); // Adds skill xp, change to yours. player.getPackets().sendSound(2738, 0, 1); // Sends sound. player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(896)); // The animation, you bend over. player.getInventory().refresh(); // Refreshes inventory. Runecrafting.enterAirAltar(player);[/code] For one, Runecrafting.enterAirAltar(player); is what is making you enter the air altar when using bones on the altar. For two, learn to search your ObjectHandler.java before making a help thread and actually learn something. (facepalm)