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  1. You should bulk up then cut, see some nice results. It's going to be hard to see results when you have little body fat
  2. newboy

    Murion [666]

    Looks very nice, can't wait for the end. Did you add Granite Maul to the specs?
  3. You want somebody to help you with your password?.. Contact customer support for that.
  4. If your XP multiplier is a "int xp = 1" (example), try setting it to a double int so you can use decimals, EX: "double int xp = 0.1". And why do you want it less then 1?
  5. So I tried to run my client on Eclipse and it runs fine. Whenever I try to play in HD, it says "unable to enter this mode." When I don't run the client in Eclipse and just run it from my folder, it lets me play in HD. Anyone know why this is happening and a possible fix? And is possible to run .bat files in Eclipse?
  6. newboy

    A really dumb question

    You don't need to portforward if you're playing offline. Just set the IP to
  7. You don't have to create an account using that feature. Just pick a username and a password and log in.
  8. Did you change the ip in clientsettings to the same one you had in your 317?
  9. Go to your character profile in savedgames folder and search for admin = 0 and change it to 1. Do the same for owner/main owner. If that doesn't work, see if it saves your game progress by logging in, going to a different location, log out and then in. If your at the same location than it saves.
  10. You probably deleted an int in player.java. Can you make a new account and log in/out every time? If so, then just delete your main, and relogin.
  11. You should get rid of the "qj11.." etc, will make it look better :P. Overall nice job, looking forward to this.
  12. newboy

    making myself owner?

    Hit me up on skype and I'll fix it for you. Mario4141718
  13. There is no loader.java. The client path has nothing to do with connecting to the server. If the client/source runs, then your path is fine. To change ip, look in ClientSettings.java
  14. [quote name='Night Night']Dat gravedig[/QUOTE] I don't see a difference between him grave digging and you replying to him...
  15. newboy

    [562]Loading prices

    Thanks for the help I will try this tomorrow after school and let you know if it works.