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  1. What is the point of releasing non-finished shit? I could understand the point if you quit it, and not ever going to finish it. But you even said you have it almost done. And, it probably took you longer to make a thread, than writing this code actually took.
  2. Ha, for some reason I found it kind of funny when you asked him. "OK. SURE"
  3. [quote name='xenergy']i know[/QUOTE] What do you mean you know? Did you fix it? -.-
  4. [quote name='deano990']No. He is working on it. He is looking for the 718 xtea.[/QUOTE] Looking? LOL, so he's camping the release sections of runelocus and R-S?
  5. Why? Runelocus is full of these shitty snippets. Go look at R-S, they don't have as much crap. If it's not good, or it is pointless, you shouldn't make a thread about it.
  6. 3 world for a new server? Not that good of an idea =/
  7. Luke Duke

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    Custom, as in you can make it your self. Look at Cart's "Admin of RoonLocust." he made that himself.
  8. 711 cache... and i have in my rsps almost all cuz i add lot of things... only farm, herblore, construct, and slayer not added... but i need to add it why?

  9. what cache is your matrix source loading? and what features does it have?

  10. Probably took you more time trying to find the correct Id for that conversation that it took to hard code it in. Nonetheless, cool.
  11. whats your msn? my skype is awwelost

  12. add me on skype: awwelost

  13. pmed you guys back... and leave your skype/msn here.
  14. Titles says it all, i'd like it to be optimusscape.
  15. [quote name='BZB']What are you talking about[/QUOTE] What do you think I'm talking about?