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  1. Hay welcome to MTH pking a brand new server with loads of amazing features - Started today ! XD Check out Forums at : mthforums.tk download link - http://uppit.com/rmtufj8zvtux/mth_pking_247.rar OR http://www.mediafire.com/?hzxdmnyr23z pictures and features below Features: Wroking Assault 100% Working God Wars 100% Working Slayer 100% Working Veng 100% Prayer Works 100%(It includes Chivalry and Piety) Real dragon plate body (like the one in RuneScape, Not glitched) Working Summoing Cape(Not Glitched) Working Emotes 99% Fully working Assualt+new Assault reward interface Fully working pest control+new Pc reward interface Fight Pits Working 100%+new ground! Dragon claws 100% animated (4 hits on players and 2 hits on npcs) All 4 god wars bosses working and 100% animated! New 562 hit marks New RuneScape Hp Bar New Whip+Dharok axe model New 474 Log out tab New teleport interfaces!(Look down at the pictures) New teleport other! New Pk System New Gs Stance (Thanks to Slient Cj) New Gs Spec! (Thanks to deathchoas)\ PK Points System Shops\ NPC Dialogue Log in interface NPC VS. PLAYER Combat Fletching All ancient magic works (no farcast) All ancient magic works (with farcast) Some normal magic Veng Veng other Stat view Jad Minigame (63 Waves) Bounty Hunter Edge 1v1 Mage Bank Varrock Team PK Dragon Claws 4 hit spec Normal emotes Special attack sounds (some wepons) Clan chat (Only 5%) Administrator + Moderator crowns Dharok effect Verac effect God wars dungeon (get godswords from here) KBD with magic + melee Starter package Fletching Guthan Effect Almost 100% all magics Correct 562 hits. Dragon claw special Dragon claw attack styles Almost 100% magics on players. On all three spell books. Tons more that I can remember.. Pictures OMG working box sets! donations shop at home ! how to donate \ EXP LOCK TAB godwars interface! working items on death interface SICK SHOPS SIR more of the shops 100% working vegence AND as a note 100% credit to basher for pics and stuff mostly leached server as we are just starting out but we are getting better every day and changing stuff around ADMIN AND MOD SPOTS OPEN GUYS - ALSO NEED AN EXPERIENCED CODER thanks see you space cowboy ! Looking Forward to seeing you there !
  2. Still looking for more players
  3. C'mon. Need more players !
  4. Thanks ! And yeah, we're slowly getting there
  5. Aha Thanks mate ! C'mon guys, we need more players.
  6. We were in a rush and didnt think there was a need to retake pictures. Obiously, more of our own pics will be added as the server expands but for now we'll just use these as full credit was given to Bashar for them. Instead of knit picking why don' t you download and try the server?
  7. Come on guys ! Don't be left behind! We're always looking for new players .
  8. Ah as i said before, their mostly there for Donators, so i doubt they'll have a huge impact on economy etc. Personally, im not a great fan of customs, but you have to admit they bring a bit of diversity
  9. aha Fair enough, won't hurt to try Customs are mostly Donator only, so I doubt they'll impact on the server much