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  1. This Is solely to get Beta testers/ staff / traffic in our discord if you are interested join our discord and apply in the application section with the format posted . **staff is only thing to apply for anyone can beta test** http://www.Outlawzrs.com https://discord.gg/MuHYkn8 http://outlawzrs.com/game/OutLawzPk.jar http://www.outlawzrs.com/Cart/ http://outlawzrs.everythingrs.com/services/vote OutLawzRs is a 317 server with a friendly and helpful community and staff. The server is currently In Dev Stage and we are currently looking too get some traffic in our discord/ Looking for beta testers/ staff to fill positions once were open. Over the last year I have taken in all feedback and have decided to Launch A 317 rsps! that being said we strive to create great new and unique content every day. Constant updates are being made to improve the server and to keep the player base interested. 25+ Bosses Fully Working Vorkath with a working combat script 5 Fully Functioning Game Modes! Wildy Wyrm - Custom WildyWyrm Script! Zulrah - Working and with different phases - Go there using the original Zulrah Docks Nex - With multiple phases. Kraken - OSRS 100% Kraken! Revenant Town and Cave with working Revenants Authentic Inferno Boss Battle :presets for quick pking refresh after death! 8 Custom Donator Ranks! 2 Custom homes @ edge & Varrock! 5+ Minigames A Gambling Zone with flowers and dice bags - Automated and manual gambling possible. Multiple custom zones for the different Donor classes Player Owned Stores - Sell your stuff while you are offline! 110 + Achievements Weekly Quests (Player picked weekly to help with design) All Skills including Summoning - 100% Working Resource Area in deep wild similar to osrs Shooting Stars - 100% Working Evil Trees - 100% Working Ironman and Hardcore Ironman Modes Duo Slayer - 100% ironmen can duo as well! Tons of experience boosts such as lamps & effigies! Daily Events - automatic events and staff hosted events! Well of Goodwill - activated daily/hourly upon request! Working Clue Scrolls and Reward Caskets Custom Items like Trickster and Magma Blow Pipe Multiple Pets - Including Skilling Pets Customizable Max Cape - Including Infernal Max Cape A look into the drop tables of all the monsters with a Command A Command to set and take preset items out of your bank quickly - Good for PKing Mystery boxes and Legendary Mystery Boxes with a cool animation when opened Raids are under construction right now - With the ORIGINAL DROPS! AND MORE ++ Owner & Developer - Hidden Dev - Tairy Co-Dev- Zera Cm/Web Dev - Sacrifice Head Admin - Kom Administrator - Ok OK Client side developer - ***Open*** Head Moderator - Kaiserolaf Moderator - ***Open*** Server Support - saintas Server Support - W A V E Server Support - Harley quinn Discord- https://discord.gg/MuHYkn8 Forums- http://www.outlawzrs.com