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    [PI] ::Yell

    So yesterday I started with the Starter Pack, because I think it has alot of potential as the source Project Insanity clean. One thing I want to fix is by starting the command :: yell, nonexistent! So I found on another forum lines in the same kind (I would not say the name, because of compliance regulations) so if the player recognizes the credit it deserves. [CODE]if (playerCommand.startsWith("yell")) { String rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; String Message = playerCommand.substring(7);//Originaly it wasn't 7... switch(c.playerRights) { case 0: rank = (c.isDonator >= 0 ? "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]" : "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"); break; case 1: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; case 2: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; case 3: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; } if(c.playerName.equals("")) { rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendMessage(rank + "[" + c.playerName + "]: " + Message); } } }[/CODE] As I commented in line 3, this is probably the only thing I change, in fact I base the number 7 which was in control :: sanity, that it works! (this command give something like: [ your name ] text... If someone could help me with this little code, I would be really grateful. (Ya I forgive, it doesn't work)
  2. "Unsupported major.minor version: 51.0" = The files .class has compiled in another JDK version, if he recompile his files, it should work. TIPS: Read error messages!
  3. "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" Your JDK and/or JRE isn't up to date (version 51.0 = JDK 7/JRE 7). In fact the files has compiled first in JDK 7, as your JDK is older it's not compatible.
  4. Hello, I'd like your opinion on a project which I think could be very successful. There are hundreds of servers, so it became difficult to create something new. What's the point of me running a server, so ultimately it did thousands of? The solution came to me: Launch a French server! Here I am personally French-Canadian. To be honest I've never found a French private server. I think this project could be successful. By cons, thinking about it longer, I realize that there are also disadvantages. First, it is obvious that my server would be addressed at different user group, how do I marketed my server? How to find a development team? How to be sure there'll enough players to allow the server to keep? More serious matters: Being alone server french, do you think Jagex could cause me problems? I mean, it is obvious that even if Jagex would try to shut down all servers English, they have many dificulties, but if there is only one server French, they can act more easily? In your opinion is this a good idea? Well, I'll have to find a team to participate in the project, who speaks French! If you are French and would like to participate, do not hesitate! Whatever your skills (development, marketing, moderation, etc..) Get a place there, I only ask to be serious! Personally, I am 19 years old I am a student in computer management (programming) I made the project assuming the server programming, as project manager. I will be willing to invest what it takes if I have a team that wants to invest and work! Leave your contact information here. Thanks and no hate please, I mean: I know my english is bad :)
  5. I can try (I'm not 100% safe that I can so I wont ur rsgp, coder it's ok :P) inboxme.
  6. I'm not sure for 634 but open your character file and change right to 2 and/or owner to 1. If not do as cart's saying.
  7. 1.What position your applying for: developer 2.How many years of coding experience you have and with what languages: I would say 6 months of Java and 3 months of C + + 3.How long you have be coding RSPS's: I never had the opportunity to work on an online server (financial means and lack of time). I would say six months of testing. So I learned several things. ( I know 317, and I begin the 526 (pretty much interesting)) 4.How knowledgeable you are about the Client/Cache (Out of ten e.g. 5/10): 4 5.Will you release the source code of this project?: How does this benefit me 6.Your MSN info (no skype): (error i cant post :eek:) Other: I am bilingual (English / French) I think this can be an advantage. I will start this September my studies in Computer Programming (if I learn stuff, it helps). It is clear that I would not bring a big knowledge to the team, but I can still support you. I do it free (I do not see this as a way to make money, but a means to learn and have fun.) If you need Pro Coder it's sure I'm not the person right now