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  1. [quote name='Pot Up']lol fails.. ill fix it up and repost if its okay, does it have soulsplit effects etc?![/QUOTE] So far, I am the only one of nearly ten attempted releases to not totally fuck it up. Id like to see yours, improved from last time.
  2. [quote name='Rise Against']As indeed, it would be stupid to release all your best stuff since their won't be any differences in servers. But you can't call this 75% Warrior Guild Base since it only has 1 base part and the WG has like 6-7.[/QUOTE] If you're really that selfish and uncaring for the community, then what use are you to it? Contributing crap code is just stupid. Either contribute your best or don't contribute at all.
  3. It's not written in, idiots. Use your brain power and make your own walking packet.
  4. He's making it so you don't drop any items period, wherever you are
  5. Its not that. It's mostly just that the people who actually know what they're doing on this forum (very rare) don't waste time spoonfeeding easy shit to you.
  6. You're an idiot, clearly, but I really have nothing better to do. Make sure there's an if { somewhere above it. Just like the compiler error told you. In fact, exactly so. Please read what the fucking error is before posting help on it.
  7. You have an argument in the handleDeflectMagic method that you aren't matching. Check to make sure you have 1) args in the right order and 2) all the args
  8. I doubt you wrote them good, so don't "help" people with it..
  9. Agreed it's really procedural You could do better James
  10. `Conner


    You would really give someone co-owner rank for making a webclient that takes about two minutes to make? Just seems...a bit odd...
  11. Seriously, though. One would figure you'd have located the Search button by now. Or bothered to look on R-S, where it actually is available.
  12. Then look through the results. Don't be lazy. If you are, you'll never get it done.
  13. I second this. No matter how much you spoonfeed on Locus, there will always be someone who puts it in the wrong place and gets a bracket error.
  14. Would you like me to rewrite it, and show you how it should have been done? I'd gladly do so. Just give me a few days, I try to avoid being on a computer very often, and I'm often doing homework/playing basketball/reading. Again, I'd gladly do it. I'm not trying to demean you. I just think that it's ridiculous that you're proud of this; you could have done it better. So I'd like to show you what you could have done. PS I'm tired of the "i dont release my best work cuz i dont want teh n00bz to haz it" excuse. Caelum and Emily do it too, and it gets old. If you're going to release something, release something good, and when people tell you how bad it is, don't say that. It makes you look like you're making false claims to actually knowing what the fuck you're doing.
  15. Notmuchsaid. I'd like to see you do something. If you take a look at Rs2hd: sure, it was pretty damn cool when it was released, but really, Graham could have improved on it, and I KNOW he's capable of it. I'm not hating on Graham. Fuck, Graham's amazing. All I'm saying is that he could have improved servers he's made in the past.
  16. Discardick & Mystic Flow already released a working XTEA decrypter (for what it's worth) in Kasma, so I don't really see the point in releasing this, especially if you just copied it from Noobpedia. Lol.
  17. L0l OT: There really isn't much to say...I guess "you're an idiot" sums it up pretty well, eh?
  18. Wait... So you're copying another server's name (and spelling it wrong), then using it with a 474 client? Wtf is wrong with you?
  19. Client-sided, find it yourself mate it really isn't hard...there aren't a lot of 99s used anywhere els in the client
  20. Don't do it; he sounds bad with English and he doesn't even know what a script is