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  1. Title says it all, I'm trying to add amulet of glory to my server with the 'rub' command via right-click which is a third-click option. Help please?
  2. Donator only items is what you're looking for? I'm almost 100% sure this is how you would implement that... Search for this in your client.java... [code]public boolean wear(int wearID, int slot) {[/code] Directly under that add the following code and replace the [code]if (wearID == # && isDonator) { return false; } else if (wearID == # && !isDonator) { sM("Sorry but you need to be a donator to wear/equip this item."); }[/code] As for your adding new ranks problem, try this... I believe this works... I feel like I may not have all of the coding to this but here is a start that may help you a great deal, hopefully... In client.java, search for... [code] default: playerRights = 0; premium = true; // false; //bakatool break; }[/code] or something along the lines of that... Directly above or below that, or in that area, you should see cases that say case 1, 2, 3, etc. As you can see the case 1-4, whatever, are the player rights numbers. If you want to add a new playerrights just add a new case. That is a start. Also, I believe the crowns are clientside, but I may be wrong. Best of luck and I hope I helped you a bit at least. [b]Edit[/b]: [quote name='Zim Ninedivine']/fp this isnt even hard? im sure there are tuts everywhere on how to do this..[/QUOTE] Well you could not be a douche and try to direct him to a link, or if you're so genius and it isn't that hard, just help him. Get some pussy, it will put you in a better mood.
  3. Wow it is such a shame on how many views this thread has yet no replies. Just wanted to say thanks for this, it worked but was a little messy. But I smell nasty leechers on this thread. Nice work though. Just had to post and say good job.
  4. For some reason I have been having the strangest problem with my teleporting spells in the magic tab. Even though I have the code that should allow me to change the text you see when scrolling over the teleport, it still will not change the text. I've tried everything. Anything from rearranging the code in a different form to putting the code in a different place within the text handler. I'm not an idiot. I know how to code these scripts and have had success with these exact codes on other sources. The source I am using is a deltascape base, yet is HIGHLY modified. But not to the extent where the text handler should not be working, because I know damn well the text handler is working for other texts within my source. Take a look at what the problem is. For example, I am trying to make a yanille teleport over the trollheim teleport in the normal magicks tab. Here is the code implemented within my texthandler.java for a varrock teleport spell, when I go to the magicks tab, it reads "Level 25: Varrock Teleport" just as it would in regular runescape. I just want it to say, "Varrock Teleport" and nothing else. I could care less about the description or the amount of runes it takes. The varrock teleport code I have is as follows... [code] c.sendQuest("Varrock", 1300); c.sendQuest("Teleports you to Varrock.", 1301);[/code] However, it still does not change the text over the varrock teleport tab, it still reads the annoying "Level 25: blah...." jibberish you see in runescape, any ideas on why this might be? Any help is appreciated! Thanks much.