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    There biggest plan has 512mb nty....
  2. billyarrow


    Hey so i want get a vps for my server but i don`t know what vps to use id really appreciate if people could suggest some thanks!
  3. Nice server constant updates and good uptime. :D (i`m stupid and didn't read the rules shouldnt of posted :()
  4. [quote name='SczLegend']When you go into npcdrops.cfg, you'll see the npc drops. [CODE]//abbysal npcdrop = 2263 5509 1 10 [/CODE] 2263 = NPCid 5509 = Itemid 1 = Amt. of item 10 = Droprate of item. Change the last number (the 10) to anything you please 1-100. Also, just as a heads up, read the stickies. Not allowed to bump posts in the Help section.[/QUOTE] Thanks for help also sorry i didnt realise. Is replying to this consered bumping? :confused:
  5. bumpidy bump
  6. [quote name='darkkid']even fluxscape is better[/QUOTE] Shit is there a server named Fluxscape that's what i was calling mine >.<.
  7. Hey guys so basically i know how to add items as drops but not how to change the drop rates no rush but its something id like to learn how to do. I would really appreciate help on his one guys. THANKS :cool::cool::cool:
  8. Trolololol labtop but anyway look at msi laptops they have a couple good ones in that price range.
  9. When that girl said Osama Bin Laden was the vice president i almost died from laughter i live in canada and i know more about their politics.
  10. Get MSI the MSI i got cost $1850 and a equivalent Alien ware is $2900.
  11. [quote name='Starkzter']Thanks Man :) I really appreciate it. Edit: Worked for my :) Just had to repack the archive. You should add me on Skype: VillainGB . Since we're both new to coding maybe we could help each other out on a few things[/QUOTE] np man happy to help and ill add you on skype.
  12. To change the loading background use toms cache suite (there's many downloads for it out there) once in it load your cache from the C: drive then go javax files then title.dat and inside there should be a picture called title.dat you wont be able to view it though. Change the picture you want to use into a .dat file and change the name to title then replace the title.dat with it. And there you have it if you need more help or a download link for toms cache suite let me know. PS (im new to this to so if i didn't explain it well enough please let me know) Edit:: Here is the version of toms cache suite i used i figured i should post the one im using since there's slight variations in the cache suites. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?b28yukq1l8uwn2a[/url]