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  1. Robbie

    Tribulation PK

    [quote name='Ikiliki']Not to forget, I've even checked out the server to see if these events are happening. Guess what, they are, and guess what, their votes are suddenly increasing a lot.[/QUOTE] Indeed. [IMG]http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/1033/4b1bef69ed5f4a59b58a41d.png[/IMG]
  2. Robbie

    Tribulation PK

    [quote name='Ikiliki']Yeah, many reports to me in PM. It's hard to accuse the server of cheating though...[/QUOTE] You can't be serious, it's pretty obvious to everyone in the community that their vote count is not legit. [quote name='Ziek`']Oh no, they gained less than 20 votes in 9 hours![/QUOTE] That's what they get without cheating and then suddenly they get hundreds of votes an hour, seems legit.
  3. Robbie

    Tribulation PK

    [IMG]http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/1148/4f2eae7dc29340afa0ef698.png[/IMG] As you can see in the graph, from 4:47 to 7:53 (over 3 hours) they gained just 31 votes however from 10:28 to 11:30 they were able to gain 112 votes. Being able to gain 3 times the votes in 1/3 of the time gives me reason to believe there voting behavior is suspicious, compare the graph to any of the other top 10 servers and you'll see what I mean.
  4. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUig0lFHDDw[/url]
  5. He's just a corporate ass licker like most American politicians.
  6. Would be better if they were over a few days or weeks, not hours.
  7. Great idea, wonder where you got it from ;) Just have to be wary that servers also don't gain votes during a dOwntime.
  8. It's a good feature, shame my servers are UK based so the ping is greater :(
  9. Isn't this going to mean each of soulsplits worlds will be the top servers? About suggestions, we badly need something that indicates how much traffic Runelocus is providing us with eg; hit counter etc
  10. Pretty easy JButton b1 = new JButton(new ImageIcon("myimage.png"));
  11. Left Wing > Right Wing It's not about whether he deserves to be re-elected, it's about whether he is the better candidate. Which he is.
  12. Also Palin got North Korea and South Korea muddled up. How stupid can you get.
  13. Robbie

    A socialist world

    [quote name='2kbarrows']The thread is to discuss how the world would be IF the world were socialistt. It is impossible, considering the greed nowadays... You are completly wrong, capitalism is perfect, maybe it consists of greed? Yes, but that would happen in all the economic forms. I blame the goverment for causing poverty, and also blame most of the people, that complain, but yet, never try, or just vandalize.[/QUOTE] Capitalism just creates inequality you stupid ignorant fuck
  14. [quote name='MrCanada']Called it skiddies because Skiddies, in the online term means wanna be hacker. :D[/QUOTE] It means script kiddie and refers to people who use pre-made scripts to perform "hacks" instead of doing it manually themselves.