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  1. Tbh, I see the holy books of the appropriate religions to be set as a standard, not something to base their morals on. You can set it as a standard FOR your morals, but we, as humans, eventually outgrow and expand our knowledge of our morals from these books.
  2. Xyohh

    I need help, im new

    [quote name='kil0hurtz']I have my codes in game... but they wont work... do u have any ideas y [MENTION=180503]StevenAbraham[/MENTION]. if you do, can u come ingame and help me? not teamviewer but actual ingame I already put it up to c if I knew how..i can give u link in pm?[/QUOTE] It REALLY is better for you to go ahead and try different sources and bases of servers to get yourself known with different types of coding, like Delta (not really recommended), PI, etc, and other versions of RSPS, such as 459, 474, 508, etc. I'll spoonfeed you this one bit though, if you want to change your welcome message, open your client class, and log in to your server through your client. Whatever the welcome message is, go into your client class, press CTRL + F and type in exactly what the welcome message says, and you'll find the welcome message bit in your client class. Go ahead and change it to whatever, and save, compile, and you're done.
  3. Xyohh

    Question of evil

    In my opinion, evil is anything that is against the general public's morals or my personal morals, as long as the morality is aligned. Otherwise, we'd be disagreeing on what is evil, and such, there really is no 'true evil', in a sense. For example; if the general public's morals say and see that slavery is wrong, yet my personal morals see slavery as a thing of usefulness, then there really is no true evil, whether or not if there's more people on one side compared to the other. Slavery wouldn't be considered an evil, because even if the general public sees slavery as an evil, it's contradicted by my morals, that slavery isn't bad. Also, I don't like slavery personally. That was just an example.
  4. I'd be glad to help out with beta testing and graphic designing. (:
  5. [quote name='Murilirum']Funny stories or incidences.[/QUOTE] Sure thing, everyone's had embarrassing moments in life, I've had at least twice as many as anyone else could count. Still open for suggeshunsssss
  6. [quote name='GreyMan']Talk about things you notice in your life.[/QUOTE] Sure will :] Still open to suggestions guys, please give me more ideas! This community is great for a reason; for such an interactive list of members.
  7. [quote name='Sethy']Don't plan. Make sure you have some topics and ideas of what you want to get done and discuss, of course, but you don't want to be a robot. Viewers want to feel like your talking to them.[/QUOTE] Okay, so have topics and ideas on hand, elaborate on them, but talk naturally. Got it. Anything else guys?
  8. Thanks, still a beginner, I'm also getting a better mic soon, hopefully a blue snowball with a good pop filter. Also, I'm thinking of planning out my commentaries more, so I don't go clueless when making them. Is that a good idea, and if not, what should I do?
  9. Sorry, I should have been more specific, don't criticize me. It's a commentary for a non-minecraft related video, the video's gameplay is more about FPS and shooter, while the commentary can be about anything, yet, if it's about a different game, I find it a bit awkward, as commentating about a different game, yet having different gameplay people would be watching just seems strange to me.
  10. [MENTION=28]Harley Quinn[/MENTION] It can be about anything. [MENTION=47130]Murilirum[/MENTION] Nah, not Minecraft, anything else though.
  11. /whatthetopicsays It can be anything, from life problems, to taking a shit in the toilet. Seriously, anything, I'm wide open.
  12. 1 Month = $5.00 = 2M RSGOLD 2 Month = $7.00 = 4M RSGOLD 3 Month = $10.00 = 6M RSGOLD 1 Year = $20.00 = 10M RSGOLD Into 1 Month = $5.00 = 7M RSGOLD 2 Month = $7.00 = 10M RSGOLD 3 Month = $10.00 = 14M RSGOLD 1 Year = $20.00 = 28M RSGOLD (RSGP is always higher. And rsgp is usually sold .7$/M

  13. Xyohh

    Classic [317] - Aero

    [quote name='EvolvedBlitz']Good luck.[/QUOTE] Thank you. [quote name='blaf80']Good luck! :)[/QUOTE] Thank you :) UPDATE: Unfortunately, my computer that had the project files with the base and deobfuscated client has crashed, and I have to recover everything. I'm currently posting this from my laptop, and my team is currently awaiting assignments, so I'll post again when I get the files back, so I can put pictures up.
  14. Xyohh

    Classic [317] - Aero

    [quote name='DanV2']Best of luck, I am interested in this project.[/QUOTE] Thank you for your support.
  15. Xyohh

    Classic [317] - Aero

    [quote name='z0mg beast']Good luck. But what process class are you talking about lol?[/QUOTE] Process class, as in Process.java with that shit Kernel. [quote name='CodyV20']I'm interested in seeing photos/videos, but good luck.[/QUOTE] Thanks. Photos and videos will be up tomorrow.