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  1. Does anyone know how i change the exp rate? I'm starting java school next week or so so i wont need to be here but now does anyone know how to change exp??? ty -bobTehCkatitty
  2. projectznji

    RS Logo

    I was just wondering how to make a rs logo, if someone could tell me would be awsome ;3 -Thanks BobTehBuilder <not really>
  3. I need help with my server, I wanna change the character starting area NOT THE STARTING ITEMS the area with the coords If someone can reply PLEASE DO SO -Kind Reguards: Jesse//Team Vengeance-X
  4. Can someone tell me how to make a tele command?!?!?!?!? or ::staffzone i dont get it at all! -Project
  5. projectznji

    PvP shops:

    k so i wanna change overload to 5PkP but i added it maunally, i looked under shopassasint.java and searched the item code 15332, 15332 is the spawn code it works in game but im not sure why it wont work please someone help me?
  6. projectznji


    [B]Well, I'm new to coding and such, so i downloaded a source and client and i opened the source and made my self owner Player Rights =>3 and when i log in my source i type ::item 995 1,Pickup 0995 1,Pickup 995 1, none of the item spawn formats work i was hoping someone would help me fix this ;D[/B]
  7. nice release,bump, but no ::item command anyone can help me add it, im pretty new to coding and rsps communites ;D