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  1. frodo5654

    667 Starter Help

    the variable starter wasnt declared in the player class lol
  2. i'll code for you if you like i got a working 667 atm not hosted so i have a good amount fo experience with it
  3. It's not too bad but it does take some thought lol and a bit of improvising :P good luck :3
  4. Slayer is a bit complicated to do I figured it out. the basic guides for it are you need a SlayerTask file(or at least thats how i did it) i made a new variable in the player class to make the task stick when a player logs out, you need to implement serializable in slayer task. then I made the enchanted gem assign the tasks and whatnot.
  5. you need to set up the obelisk to spawn somewhere and you should set up a shop for it thats what i did on mine
  6. or you just put the spawns in the unpackedSpawns.txt....
  7. @bink that doesnt work because of the fact it doesnt modify the combat rate at all just the skilling rate. The missing "else" statement prevents the combat xp from being modified
  8. except that isn't a valid number you derp...you know the 9 digits instead of ten and all
  9. I need a VPS for a 667/706 Server. ATM we are prepared to pay up to $15/mo or we can work out an in-game mod or forum mod deal. Specs Needed: ~1 GB RAM Minimum ~At least 10 GB of Disk Space ~Admin VPN Access for updating the server on our schedule and such ~A few hundred gigs of bandwith would be nice ~Windows Preferably ~At least a 99.9% uptime or else we will immediately and without warning pack up and leave(i find this to be extremely important as players can be lost easily) If you match these specs i would love to try to work something out I need a vps as soon as possible
  10. frodo5654

    Errors -.-

    probs missing a bracket or a comma or semi colo no one can tell you what the error is without the source or without the entire error message...