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  1. look what i found! Miss the oldschool runescape classic feel??? Login now to see your old mates and new players alike at the best server online Grand Re-Opening of the server Friday the 13th! Drop parties and events to go on throughout the weekend. A possible experience boost too for new players. Points panel to freely change attack, defense, strength. Everything else is experience based. 10x rates for everything. 18x combat stats if in the wilderness. Boss roaming in the wilderness.(black knight titan) Smithing interface Client resizable (up to full screen) Lotteries Capture the flag Pvp tournamnets 21 skills (slayer, runecrafting) Training spots in the wilderness The only server where there will not be any corruption and modifed favoritism, because I won't let it happen. Let this be the home where you like to come and stake all day, or pk all night. Skillers included too Updated 06/28/2020 new game coming RSCArea - runescape classic server. Website: https://rscarea.com Discord: https://discord.gg/KABPG5j
  2. RSCslay - point and exp based runescape vlassic private server Focus on greatness! The only Point panel Server Online. Client Features Resizeable client. f4 toggle - info display Precise level counter. Smithing Interface. RscSlay Stat Exchange - Freely Change your stats around how you want them Server Features 10 Quests (adding periodically) 21 Skills to level Slayer skill: To begin leveling your slayer skill you can talk with Ogre Shaman in Edgeville. Runecrafting skill - craft your own runes. Master Fisher gives FREE Tuna. A centralized Edgeville to group the community together. This includes spots to mine, smith, fish, slayer tasks, and do herblaw. A new area called the Arachnid Nest -- get here by entering the cave in Edgeville to fight some spiders or mine some rune essence. Death match arena with 4 separate rooms for fights -- safe to walk in until in a death match for spectators. *Double points in the wilderness* Capture the Flag Events Lottery Events daily Bosses Rscslay the Black Knight Titan has been released in the Wildeness!! Take your chance to hunt him down with some friends to range and mage while you tank. The rewards will be decent drops from this first addition of Bosses to the world. This server will have a great balance to build a great economy. The Website - updated 06/28/2020 new game is coming RSCArea https://rscarea.com ps. I will update this thread as needed.
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    3 weeks at sea

    no shit that is crazy...
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    Obama vs Hitler

    looks about right... dam commmunist
  5. i think people bot to make the most money
  6. always need good form and technique..
  7. try out slaypk.no-ip.org It is just me running it now and we could talk online there if you like too. This server does have the oldschool feel to it for sure!
  8. [size=10pt][b]PK Server[/b][/size] This server is out for the people to enjoy pking & staking. [b]The higher combat level the monster is the more X(times) Exp Rate You will get![/b] Regular player: 43.4x- 86.5x In Wild- 47.8-95.1x Subbed player: 52x-104x In Wild- 57.3-114.2 [b][size=10pt][i]Stats:[/i][/size][/b] Bigger Client Size. Zoom. Fog of War = False. Make Some Pizzas with Fat Tony in Bandit Camp. Death Rune Chests in Wild. Runes spawn in Wild. Dragon bone spawn in Wild. Altars All around the Wild. [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s18.postimg.org/8bmw6ph95/screenshot108.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/app.php]green shot[/url] [i]Whats on Edgeville BoardWalk?[/i] +Master Fisher for Lobsters. + Zaff sells Runes. +Lowe sells Arrows. +Horvik sells Armour. +Gauis sells 2Handers and Amulets. +PKPExchange with new items being up for grabs with PkPoints. [b]Wilderness is F2p items(with exception you can use Sharks, Prayer, regular attack and defense potions).[/b] Magic portals to teleport to the wilderness hotspots.(automatically skulling players) Diamond and Ruby ammies will teleport to wilderness 38 altar and castle with a free SKULL. [b]*Wilderness Spots*[/b] I have Made a Map for All things added into the Wilderness have a Look: [url=http://postimg.org/image/wh2g15jnv/][img]http://s9.postimg.org/wh2g15jnv/mapwild.jpg[/img][/url] [size=12pt][b]Come Play With US:[/b][/size] [url=http://classicfun.forumotion.com]Click here for Website[/url] Thanks for looking guys!