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  1. [quote name='Holy Cow'][URL="http://lmgtfy.com/?q=is+a+gtx+670+or+a+hd+7970+video+card+better%3F"]This[/URL][/QUOTE] how original dude, was asking because couldnt find a solution from anywhere since theres alot of people who prefer 670 over 7970 and vice versa. now get off the internet.
  2. buying a new videocard, hd 7970 or gtx 670? halp
  3. [quote name='z0mg beast']Obviously I have. I remember those days, don't tell me what [B]I[/B] have seen or not seen. The point that you are missing is the fact that you stated they are the most widely used source. That is not true at all. They were popular for about half a year. Project Insanity's parent, Winterlove, was widely used during those times, and unlike delta, they evolved into something much better looking, PI, while delta has nearly died. Now in no way am I saying PI is a good base, because most of it is not, its just a lot easier, I admit, to use and understand. Your second point has absolutely no relevance now, as the major servers right now are PI and shards, (Near Reality and Soulsplit). Frugooscape has long since died out as have Dodian. The point is, delta has absolutely no competition against Project Insanity's, even though the stability and packaging isn't very good on Project Insanity, but it sure beats the hell out of the stability and [B]features[/B] of delta."Now remove yourself before I embarass both you and your "project".", you are telling me to remove myself from a poll? Are you retarded?[/QUOTE] PI isn't winterlove based :confused:, it's emulous although emulous is based on winterlove -.-. And yes you have most likely seen nothing due your lack of knowledge about RSPS:s.
  4. I'mWhite

    Sweden vs finland

    Deletoisitko RuneLocus käyttäjäsi kaikkien suomalaisten mieliksi.
  5. I'mWhite

    Sweden vs finland

    OP makes me look bad as a Finn. voted finland btw ja tässä teille suomen pienintä pippelii, okei se oli huono mutta...
  6. I'mWhite

    Xbox or Ps?

    live is stupid because you can't make multiple accounts with it (well you can but then you have to pay multiple lives) and it's annoying if you run out of live.
  7. 50$ a month isnt a shit and people are going like aww my faking gad
  8. happy birthday!

  9. happy birthday

  10. oh god no need for client background liek dat :fp:
  11. I'mWhite


    delete the walking queues about at the end.
  12. botting and spending all tokens on xp lamps??
  13. With Opera browser you can pause and then continue the download again which works for that.
  14. I'mWhite

    Why do you do drugs?

    [quote name='J i m b o']You're an idiot. In other words, "I'm too scared to try it so I'm just going to make shit up and hate on something I've never experienced"[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://files.sharenator.com/derp11_Hurrrr_Deerrrrp_Derp_Derp-s314x322-126809-580.jpg[/IMG] not.