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  1. +1 on the client dl link, reup anyone?
  2. Thanks for your interest in our company I will be looking foward to your business with us.
  3. Any portfolio of sites you have made?? any proof that you can even code? By the sounds of your atrocious spelling your maybe 10?? I cant see this going anywhere.. Goodluck anyhow.
  4. No I cannot tell you what VPS can take X many players. I do not run private servers so I have no clue, also it depends on your source if its stable ect (ask someone that has a P'Server). Basic, Dev, Business is webhosting. Its all categorised and simple to read all of the prices are their just look yourself.
  5. it was more or less put in to get your "whole Hit" if you hit a 279 for instance back in old rs it would be a 27.. So people were loosing hits. The X10 gives you the full amount of hits I spose.
  6. milomakes

    Server Lag

    A server hosted from home aint the best idea due to PC's arnt usually built for serving. Also having general net from an ISP and a router/cheap network card will just slow things further, its best to spend money and get a dedi/vps. Most home hosts dont last or become huge.
  7. Yeah But it got me 1 combat and I dont really pk anymore, But corp has made me over 200m so worth it. I mainly just run my business and play occasionally if Im bored the game has gone downhill since 2007.
  8. Add me to all 3 I do all of them nicee and cheap (rune-host.net)
  9. Not a bad acc man im 94 attk 99 str 81 def 95 pray 99 rang 99 mage (was aimin for 78 def but zammy spear at corp got me 81 )
  10. Heaps of diff types of UDL also called alcopop (its aussie Its lolly water alcohol basically. (Vodka cruisers, Bacardi Breezers ect) Happy Birthday mate cbf to drive to urs
  11. milomakes

    Rofl gf kid

    Very Sneaky 420, you had me for a few seconds
  12. I agree with Gary, you have no website no identity information that we can go on, well all you have is a post sayin you got dedi's. Also your english, grammer ect is not the best to say the least. Before posting a hosting service be sure to atleast have a website with contact info ect on it. I mean thats a bare minimum.
  13. Never asked anyone to delete your thread. Plus that site is only temp I am in the process of coding a whole new one.