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  1. You should be a professional
  2. C4D has a pretty tough learning curve. I never could really figure it out myself.
  3. We started out on SMF then moved to vB a little after we became popular.
  4. We've been the #1 RSPS Toplist pretty much since the beginning of RSPS Toplist, and we have never "policed" servers. Ever. We moderate the toplist for botted votes and remove them. That's the extent of our involvement. With the exception of one spreading malicious content, RuneLocus will not punish a server for what happens on said server, regardless if the owners are immoral. If we did, we wouldn't have much of a server base. As for your suggestion on making more money than adverts, we're not in this for the money. The adverts help pay for the costs of keeping RuneLocus running.
  5. Ziek`

    Cant open any RSPS??

    Yes, thank you SIR @Arix
  6. This here tells me that it's a Captcha issue and there's not much we can do about it.
  7. I didn't read a damn thing in this thread because of the obnoxiously large font. Absolutely no reason for that. We are not the RSPS Police. Whatever happens on a server has nothing to do with RuneLocus.
  8. I'm a bit confused. I'm definitely finding stuff on Arcanists and FunOrb.
  9. Can't say that I remember a "super extremely old fun wizard game on funorb" myself. Remakes don't necessarily get the same attention as the originals do. Example, an old browser tank game called Battlefield was pretty popular years ago but then died when the website it was on shut down. It has been remade a couple times with very little interest in the remakes.
  10. It's clearly on your end only because that screenshot looks exactly as I remember RS2 looking back in the day. The text is perfectly fine. Check the settings on the monitor itself, not in Windows.
  11. Unless I'm blind, there is no setting for that in the current chatbox.
  12. Decided to play with this since I used to make a lot of these crowns way back in the day. I couldn't make it 100% white without losing the bevel look, but I got it close. Hopefully it will work for you. https://i.imgur.com/jSWzmhC.gif