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  2. Ziek`

    Montage of Ginger

    You were already dead inside, don't try to blame it on me
  3. Ziek`

    Life situations

    Why are you asking this on a dead RSPS forum lol
  4. Ziek`

    Rigourx RSPS

    https://forum.runelocus.com/topic/102454-advertising-rules/ 5. Please add some basic information & media, just a link is not acceptable.
  5. That's 7 years old. We no longer have a starter pack.
  6. The thread itself is 8 years old and the OP hasn't been on RL in over a year, so it's unlikely.
  7. Shit, I forgot to ban this guy last year. I'm sorry guys.
  8. DM me the email you think the account should be attached to.
  9. Ziek`


    Still counts.
  10. Ziek`


    That looks like Cart, who retired but a few months ago. My guess is the "Administrator" is a custom title that he just never changed, much like my own, "Da Ganja". While the forums may not be very active anymore, the Toplist is still very actively used and moderated. Our Discord is also fairly active as well.
  11. You should be a professional
  12. C4D has a pretty tough learning curve. I never could really figure it out myself.
  13. We started out on SMF then moved to vB a little after we became popular.
  14. We've been the #1 RSPS Toplist pretty much since the beginning of RSPS Toplist, and we have never "policed" servers. Ever. We moderate the toplist for botted votes and remove them. That's the extent of our involvement. With the exception of one spreading malicious content, RuneLocus will not punish a server for what happens on said server, regardless if the owners are immoral. If we did, we wouldn't have much of a server base. As for your suggestion on making more money than adverts, we're not in this for the money. The adverts help pay for the costs of keeping RuneLocus running.