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  1. Fabo

    js5connect 639

    Hey hash and storm powner, I have checked all the Ip's and they are all the same. I have now also changed all my Ip's to how ever this doesn't do anything different then what is has been doing (it's still js5connect). If anyone can help me could you please add me on Skype : dafab1996 it might make it easier to help with screen share.
  2. Fabo

    js5connect 639

    Hey Pwnz, I have had a look at all the Batch files and yes i have seen an IP. I have customized this IP from my own IP all the way to a no-ip address. If you meant something else then please correct me :p
  3. Fabo

    js5connect 639

    hey all, I have been trying to fix this error for about 2 weeks now and I thought I should get some help. lol. Details: I have recherched what to do and i have port forwarded, cheked ip, checked cache, compiled, edited paths ect.. here is my run.bat file to show that everything loads. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5615[/ATTACH] as you can see no errors... This is the same all the way to the top. normally this should work yes? This is all I get: [ATTACH=CONFIG]5617[/ATTACH] Now I do run the server and the client at the same time (or after the server has finished loading) and this is what I don't get.. If I am doing something wrong like a stupid mistake id love to hear it. or of you have a fix.. Id be for ever grateful. Thanks.