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  1. [CENTER][B]It's December 2012. The U.S.A. has entered a war against Russia. Who will win military-wise with as well taking in consideration of the allies the U.S.A. & Russia has?[/b][/center] [I]I'm obv. bored and have nothing to do.[/I]
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    Hold Up

    Politician was banned for a week the day he got banned, but now it's changed to one month? What up wid dat.
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  5. Seems just like another leeched source with a few tuts, what's so unique about your first screenshot? Lol.
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    Piranha 3D

    [B]Where can I watch it online for free? Poster:[/B] [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/92/Piranha_3d_poster.jpg/220px-Piranha_3d_poster.jpg[/img]
  7. [quote name='Vesta Main']I gave my password to someone a month ago and came back and found 50b on it [IMG]https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROKOl3QuMwMLqmjh07BhEHPx4HfnSe0AeHI9QL0xUtiuTtUuZaGQ[/IMG][/QUOTE] I laughed.
  8. XilentDub

    Piranha 3D

    [QUOTE=Dodge';620412]I saw it when it came out. It's just[I] [B]really bad acting[/B][/I]. Like you know the dumb parts in all horror movies, like the trip and fall, and how the bad guy is walking but he is always behind the running victim? Well all the parts of this movie are like that.[/QUOTE] Alright, I guess I won't take a look at it.
  9. XilentDub

    Piranha 3D

    [quote name='Time']You just want to see the tits in it.[/QUOTE] Yeah. [QUOTE=Dodge';620406]Don't waste your time. It's a terrible movie.[/QUOTE] Why?
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    Piranha 3D

    [quote name='yuioplok'][url]http://www.alluc.org/[/url] best site.[/QUOTE] I have to be a "member". Nty.
  11. [quote name='2kbarrows']Oh the grammar. [SIZE=1][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Also, he told the successful RSPS owners to leave the room, why did the majority leave?[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/QUOTE] Can someone give this guy a fucking award for winning the Internet?
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    Toyota tundra? Pics or it didn't happen.
  13. [quote name='awesome drake']Staff spots are now open again![/QUOTE] The server still works? Wow, I remember it being down and I thought it was done for.
  14. [quote name='Brendan'][IMG]http://cache.ohinternet.com/images/thumb/7/73/JeanLucPicardFacepalm.jpg/618px-JeanLucPicardFacepalm.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] [video=youtube;c7LrViaPq7M]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7LrViaPq7M[/video]
  15. [quote name='Brendan']I have questioned the purpose of this thread, and each time you've simply told me to leave instead of answering. I do not post without relevancy to the OP. Something you wouldn't know, being new. I'll forgive you your ignorance, though.[/QUOTE] Purpose of this thread is to debate between the two countries in a war (fiction), and Brendan is stating some rock-hard good debating. Now, if all you're going to do is question the purpose of this thread, you have the freedom to leave as I've answered it.
  16. [quote name='Brendan']That's not what I was suggesting at all. I have no issue with people posting in this board whether they be new or not; I take issue, however, with people telling me to leave their thread as though they possess some kind of authority.[/QUOTE] You dislike this thread. Common sense should kick in by now of what you should do if you dislike it. Either: A. Leave & Ignore it. B. Post on it attempting to state how stupid it is. Hypocritical you teaching me about common sense, when you're the one lacking it.
  17. [quote name='Brendan']That was common sense, my friend. Your 35 post count is cool.[/QUOTE] So post counts = how intelligent a person is? K.
  18. [quote name='Brendan']I sincerely doubt any of you have the knowledge to validly speculate what would happen were the USA to war with Russia. This thread is fundamentally nonsensical and purposeless. No one can contribute significantly.[/QUOTE] Your attempt at trying to sound smart was humorous. Just leave the thread already.
  19. Is this supposed to be humorous? I've lost faith in humanity's sense of humor.
  20. [quote name='Cjay0091']Depends on the battlefield, if Russia came to the U.S, U.S would surely win. If it were the other way around, U.S would be at a major disadvantage due to Russia's terrain. Also war is basically nuclear now, if U.S vs Russia would happen, more than likely chaos would hit.[/QUOTE] That's very true, but what if in a case it would be an out-breaking war in Europe as the battle-field? [quote name='2kbarrows']Oh god, here we go. First of all, I'm an atheist. Second, you can't prove/disprove a god (Zeus, Christian God, etc.). Third, this is going to lead into an infinite shitstorm, "hurr durr, "america" haz moar stuf.". P.S. Cjay reminded me of M.A.D.[/QUOTE] I'm an atheist too. This is why it's the "intelligent debate" section, not for kids posting "hurr durr america haz moar stuff".
  21. [quote name='2kbarrows']Then why the fuck is it in the Intelligent debate?[/QUOTE] Fiction debates aren't allowed in the Intelligent Debates? I've seen debates on God, pretty sure that's fiction.
  22. [quote name='2kbarrows']Sources?[/QUOTE] This is fiction...