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  1. We now offer Windows VPSs! Check them out on our site! EDIT: No one bought within the 3 days I had anticipated for at least 1 sale, No longer selling Windows VPSs. If I get at least 5 people guaranteeing they will buy if I get them back, I will bring back windows vps.
  2. [quote name='Nick Magic23']They certainly can. Infact I have a vouch for Iceyhost. about 2 days ago I finally purchased a 4gb ram Linux VPS of them (16$). It was quite late so I went to bed, when I woke up I checked my email and BAM got my login info! I then created a ticket regarding rsps help and literally I mean literally within a minute the ticket was replied requesting the source download link. roughly 5 minutes later the server is online and stable. It's been online for more than 49 hours and it has NO downtime what so ever. Not only using the Ticket system but Travis allowed me to add him on MSN to gain much faster help! Travis is seriously dedicated. He is trustworthy and great to chat with. I wish that he had more customers because truly, he is amazing! Iceyhost I wish you all the best. Your proud customer, Dharmesh.[/QUOTE] Thanks Dharmesh. We have purchased our new Dedicated Server for hosting Windows VPSs! We are currently waiting for this to be set up then we will be selling Windows VPSs! - Want to know how much we're offering them for? Check our site! Our prices and plans have already been posted!
  3. [quote name='Nick Magic23']Oh that's fine :P[/QUOTE] Alright. I'm trying to figure out how to make that work on WHMCS.
  4. [quote name='Nick Magic23']Well it depends how much you want us to pay extra? Or because I'm a bowse you could just give me it for the same price? :)[/QUOTE] Looking at either a 10% fee extra or $2.00 extra for alertpay payments. I'll check onebip bank transfer rates too.
  5. [quote name='cboy676']Since you resell from nozhost.com and don't even bother getting a dedicated ip. No.[/QUOTE] You know what, your post doesn't even deserve to be replied to. But I am just to say: We do not offer Romania hosting any longer. That was the only reason we had Nozhost. That was in December 2011. We no longer use any resellers or anything. I have proof of this. You're starting to annoy me with this foolishness. On a side note - We are looking into accepting Alertpay again. Only thing keeping us from using Alertpay are fees. So I'd like to know: Are you willing to pay an extra percentage when using Alertpay to checkout to receive the same service? The percentage is undetermined at the moment. This percentage would cover the fees to transfer money from AlertPay to our bank account. Otherwise, We're taking orders! All PayPal payments accepted! (make sure information matches in paypal and client area - for verification and security purposes)
  6. I'm hoping you all haven't forgotten us. We're taking orders!
  7. Check out this deal! [url]http://iceyhost.com/bid/item.php?id=1[/url]
  8. Are you using forum and portal? If so, Change the portal theme as well?
  9. Thought that user was familiar... You need help with mysql?
  10. Why not try a VPS from me and have full control of it as well? Run a website and a server on it too if you want.
  11. Please add Iceyhost.com We offer 3 VPS plans and allow RSPS. We also offer free help with the VPS when you purchase. No matter it be setting up a website on one or a RSPS. Please note that RSPS is allowed on first post as well please.
  12. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/ei5AaQ.jpg[/url] Current month uptime. Monthly income is an estimated $178.35 && Added you both.
  13. Our VPS1 and VPS2 plans now come with 1GB extra Burstable RAM!
  14. [QUOTE=Dodge';617688]Your main focus should be getting your site up fully. ;)[/QUOTE] It is though ;)
  15. Check us out! We have great prices! Our main focus now is VPSs!