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  1. VPS works through the same channel, protocols like the VPN does, it uses a main server and public network to build secure data transfer tunnels, it may use different protocols like PPTP/SSTP/HTTP what vere needed, or selected (based on different factors), I would like u to read this blog here for more information on vpn/vps and the best provider for VPS service is supposed to be [URL="http://www.bestvpnservice.com/providers/30/purevpn.html"]Purevpn[/URL] , that provides services way other vpn do.:rolleyes:
  2. oh SOPA is no more a shock now, it has gone as past tale.............:p
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    i have the sketches i didnt wanted to see them after i made, will you like to have them and how?:)
  4. I know many good names like [URL="http://www.bestvpnservice.com/providers/21/hide_my_ass!.html"]hidemyass [/URL]and [URL="http://www.bestvpnservice.com/providers/22/strong_vpn.html"]strongvpn [/URL], but all they keep spying on users...........