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  1. [quote name='BZB']20$ says he did other drugs instead of pot[/QUOTE] You are right. I believe he started dropping acid at a party, a party which he went too because his smoking buddies were having it. If you know anything about psychology then you would know that pot is a gateway drug because of the people you hang out with. If he didn't start smoking weed, he would have never gone to that party, and he would have never gotten into harder drugs.
  2. [quote name='Ziek`']No, the people who jumped and murdered him killed him and that would be the cause of death. Marijuana would NOT be the cause of death. Marijuana has NEVER been the cause of death, and never will. Your logic is flawed.[/QUOTE] Troll is successful. But seriously, you know how many people I have seen throw their life away for pot? A kid I knew was 8th in class, and then he became friends with a new kid. They started smoking, now he lives in a trailer and sells drugs (and he dropped out of highschool). It is mostly the new kids fault that this happened to him. But you can't say that the fact that all he wanted to do was get high all the time wasn't in any way related to him dropping out. Edit: It feels damn good being high, but you can't lead a successful life smoking all the time. It is nice to be able to try it and enjoy it, but too much of a good thing...
  3. [quote name='Ziek`']@OP: Kid, you're like 13. Even if it does get legalized, it'll probably be 21+. @Hash: Please, learn your FACTS before trying to make an argument. Weed is not dangerous. There has never been a death reported because of weed. Cigarettes are legal and they kill. Alcohol is legal and it kills. Pills are legal and they kill. Weed is illegal and it does NOT kill. In fact, weed has many medicinal uses. As for your argument about driving, I drive while high all the time. I actually drive better while high. I'm calm and I'm aware. Weed has helped me out a lot since I started smoking. I am much more calm, I'm laid back, and I'm stress free. I have been without a job for over a month now and after I pay some bills tomorrow, I will have less than $100. I'm not worried, though. Before smoking, I used to worry all the time. Even when I had 2 jobs, I worried about being able to pay the bills. I used to get irritated at the smallest things. Now nothing bothers me. Sure, I still have sudden flares of anger when certain things happen since it's part of my personality, but I get over those moments much more quickly and I don't dwell on them like I used to. Smoking weed has actually improved my lifestyle a whole lot.[/QUOTE] What about the kid who smokes weed at a party and then gets jumped and murdered because he was too high to defend himself. Weed killed him
  4. asidy

    Calling Out Acrylix

    [quote name='Dean']Yes, because a graph that shows popularity vote is clearly related to the thread.[/QUOTE] Can you describe the exact reasons why you support Ron Paul? Why would he be any better than any other shit stains we see running for president? [quote name='Craids']Are you aware of our current deficit and how it is leading us to hyperinflation? Are you aware that Obama has promoted and is mostly the reason for HALF of the total deficit, that's right, he was so wasteful he managed to accumulate the total debt accumulated by all the presidents before him and you're saying re-electing him is the only way we can move forward? That's crazy. People think Obama is a cool guy who is pro-weed and pro-gay marriage, he has done NOTHING to make these possible. He promised to end the afghan war, it was what he ran on. He promised he would be the anti-nation building president and he has encouraged nation building around the world. The man is a liar who is full of himself to the point where shit can't come out of him.[/QUOTE] Did you know we profited from the money he spent? Yes, nearly all the corporations that were bailed out have paid in full, netting the government good interest. Every single president lies about their platform. Ron Paul is no different. You seriously think that the most powerful and wealthiest institutions in the world would not be able to get their hands into the ass of someone like Ron Paul? No one supports his multi million dollar campaign out of their support , all politics is in self interest.
  5. For those under 21, if they drink they will binge drink. For those over 21 they drink more casually, or as you see the most interesting in the man in the world say "Responsibly". Why should weed be legalized? I have smoked several times, and it should NOT be legalized. The only two arguments I hear out of people supporting weed are that it would get us out of debt, and that weed is not that bad. First of all, we are $16 trillion dollars in debt? In my state there is about a 20% tax on cigarettes. If there is a similar tax on MJ we would need to sell $80 trillion dollars to get out of debt. If weed is legalized there will be strong opposition. Once it is legalized fierce competition will lower prices, thus it would not return as much tax money as many people believe. Much fewer people smoke pot than use tobacco, and the tobacco taxes only bring in $120bill. If you consider the fact that we are going about $1 trillion deeper a year, pot wouldn't do shit. Also I have seen many people start smoking pot and BAM, their life is ruined. This one kid I know was 8th in the class. Then this new kid moved in, and they became friends. They begin smoking together all the time. Now they dropped out, bought a trailer, and sell drugs. I know that the response to this part of my post will be something like "Steve jobs smoked pot". My response is "Cool". John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who raped boys, and he was also a very successful business man. So if you use the logic that just because one successful person smokes pot it can't ruin your life, than you have smoked too much.
  6. asidy

    Calling Out Acrylix

    [quote name='Nasblitz']tbh I cbf even rebutting that lol, since Its almost impossible to get my values,morals and beliefs out to an audience which has probably forgotten them long ago.... and I don't blame yous, you just grew up in that environment .[/QUOTE] Well you come across as an ignorant christian. You dont make. Sentences with the subject in next line the. We are the bad people because we believe in the freedom of all people? Your christian beliefs has caused the most death and poverty in the world. Jesus preached against the rich, yet the papacy live in a mansion. The pope is the most hypocritical ruler to ever exist. Do you know all the terrible shit your religion has done? No, because that is just how they want you to be. Do you know how they slaughtered millions for power? Do you know how when the magna carta was signed, the pope ordered slaughtering of tribal people so he could force them to fight and kill all the barons who forced the king to give power to the people? Do you know how there has been dozens of priests to have been found to rape boys? Of course you know these things, but you are ignorant. You try to sit here and preach about how we don't have morals because we don't care if someone takes it in the butt, yet you turn your head when you see a priest forcing it into a kids butt? I don't support any political debates on these forums, because it is all based on which 14 year old has seen the latest episode of the Colbert Report.
  7. asidy

    Calling Out Acrylix

    Your a fucking retard. That is exactly what I fucking said learn to fucking read. "If something is legal at the state level but not at the federal level, you can still get in trouble for it." Exactly what you said dumbass.... Edit: Replace Fucking and dumbass with my love and that is the message I mean to send to you my love.
  8. asidy

    Calling Out Acrylix

    [quote name='Craids']When have the feds enforced a law without messing up with a butt load of backlash? Never. Also his stand on gay marriage is a federal bill that states that anyone can marry anyone. I participate in my state legislation and I plan on running next election. When I see the amount of restrictions set on us I just wonder what's the point of even having state legislation. A state set educational system would benefit us all! It would be cheaper, and more efficient. The federal board of education has no knowledge of what kids in certain states go through, we're all different. More power to the states = more power to give local governments their right to establish a better community. If you're against that, than just join a totalitarian nation cause a central federal government with all the power is what our founders tried to avoid establishing, unfortunately our president and congress ignore this and because of that we are where we are now.[/QUOTE] Well you see leaving shit up to the state only causes problems. If something is legal at the state level but not at the federal level, you can still get in trouble for it. Thats whats wrong with medical marijuana and why they get raided all the time. Im sick of little kids like you talking about shit they do not know about. You are freaking 15, the worst problem in the world for you is your mommy cancelling xbox live. Quit acting like you know the shit you are talking about. The only reason you like ron paul is because he as well as many of the new candidates realized that the easiest votes would be the dumbass kids who want to belong and think they are smart by supporting something.
  9. Currently in my client, after dying and re-equipping an item it spawns an inventory full of un-noted but stacked restore potions. The only time this happens, is when I die with only 2 items equipped. It also sometimes crashes the client. It has to be a client problem because it does not actually spawn the item, just draws the image. Help a noob plz :)
  10. Do not take offense. People ignore posts that are asking questions which are easily solved with minimal knowledge, or there are already many guides/answers to the problem.
  11. Analogies Conspiracy theory: Invading iraq for oil is to terrorism as Weapons of Mass destruction is to ???
  12. @Hash Out of 10+ people that I know that hotbox their cars often only 1 has ever had an accident, and that was because he was a little drunk too :p. Edit: Also, you know how they tested to see if marijuana killed brain cells? They did a test where they pumped 100% weed smoke into monkey's lungs for several minutes. Well if you put smoke into anyone's lungs for that time you will definately have some brain damage. Also I have seen like 3 documentaries where people take the Sat/Act/IQ test before and after smoking a lot of weed, and everyone's score always improves.
  13. [quote name='Dean']If you didn't listen to the video, the reports claimed him by wearing boxers. It would be more blurry if he was naked.[/QUOTE] You obviously didn't watch the whole video 0:50-1:15 White male in late 20s, was running around in underwear only, now has no underwear and is masturbating and screaming at passersby. Obviously underwear on.
  14. [quote name='Master Orb']nice server man!! , I'm going to make a video on it and show my friends because you got a 100% good on your server... people ... listen up... new rsps coming out, its a 317 with 639 loading,,, full screen links coming soon ill post thread in a little while :) its called RuneOrbex its pretty fun need someone to port forward it for me using laptop soz... :P Video coming soon for it![/QUOTE] ...:confused: