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  1. Loelue

    No bank close button

    Is the sprite in the correct directory in the cache?
  2. Loelue

    Help with a PI server

    [quote name='hund']l000000000000000000000l bro you took that to the next level hahahaaha[/QUOTE] Some people don't understand that stuff, so yea, it could've been the problem.
  3. If you still need this, let me know. lyang14
  4. Post your commands class and I will figure it out for you.
  5. Add my skype, if your willing to pay. lyang14
  6. [quote name='Skype']Don't trust this guy everyone, or buy from him. He just admitted that these are not his and said he sold 2 already. I don't think you want to buy it from a guy when you could just easily save the page as on the webpage. ([url]http://insanityx.net/home/[/url]) save page if you watn insanityx. I recommend not doing so unless you want to get in trouble from the InsanityX team.[/QUOTE] This guy is an actual idiot, tried to boot me but went to google for booters. Lmao, you made my day. Plus, if you didnt see, I clearly said they weren't mine. gtfo of runelocus.
  7. bump, you may delete this after 48 hours...
  8. Bump, 48 hours after this bump, staff may remove.
  9. [quote name='killerownz99']im willing to pay anyone 20$ to get a 317 server any source online for me and set up over teamviewer. skype killerownz99[/QUOTE] added
  10. go to client.java, search for "challenge", and comment out the method or whatever is. Might be something like "showOption("Challenge");
  11. Bump, first sale of each copy will only be $5!