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  1. Heeeeeeey, remember me? It's me drosel from venecifuim or w.e its called.I saw your project it's looking nice. Is there a forum?

  2. She's so cute, you know her name?

  3. No, I'm 100% British. I just used Google translate for my user title and haven't bothered changing it since.

  4. Are you russian? WTF

  5. Drosel

    KONY 2012: Part II

    Fuck this propaganda.
  6. Drosel

    Holy Fuck

  7. Drosel


    ********** Gimmi 3 points kthx
  8. [quote name='Sethy']#fuckyeah[/QUOTE] ^ This
  9. Drosel

    Fagex Lagoratory.

    Try redownload cache/client.