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  1. [quote name='hoodlink']no no no you need to zip all the files in cache then upload to dropbox then you have to change where it loads cache from and also need to replace download link with dropbox one :)[/QUOTE] how do i set the path for the cahce to go to?
  2. Ok guys when i first downloaded the client the cache worked perfect and downloaded correctly for me, but i gave it to a friend and when he trys to load it it can't find the cache? its a project insanity source and in the cachedownloader.java file it says its getting the cache from a site but the site doesn't exist anymore so it can't get the cache from there? when i downloaded the package it came with the cache, i tried dragging and dropping the cache into my friends c:/ but it still didn't work my question is: if i put the client and the cache into the same folder when they download how do i make it auto download into where ever in the C:/ it needs to be so the client will load correctly? Thanks in advance!
  3. Seems good im trying it right now, but the package takes forever to download.
  4. camf

    Help with compiling

    ok guys when i compile my server after making changes it works but when i log in the change don't take any effect? does anyone know what it could be?