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  1. 711 cache... and i have in my rsps almost all cuz i add lot of things... only farm, herblore, construct, and slayer not added... but i need to add it why?

  2. what cache is your matrix source loading? and what features does it have?

  3. i sell u one for 10$
  4. Hey i need help adding slayer skill to my rsps :S plzz help me i can spawn duradel.. but idk how to make work the slayer skill skype: chava2995
  5. Can someone tell me where to Change Weapons Maxhits? and npc drops?
  6. 345 384 841 8042 if u want to do it right now!
  7. chava2995 ---- skype
  8. Can anyone help me fixing the trade box glitch? cuz it closes everytime i trade and people lose their items.... plz! skype: chava2995 hope someone can help me plzz!
  9. i can help u add me on skype: *chava2995*
  10. I need help changing my pk items prices.. plzz skype:chava2995
  11. Im Paying 15$ for pk shop and pits shop on my 667 loading 711 rsps! And 20$ i u make me all that +jar client!... add my skype: chava2995! Via Paypal! PM ME!
  12. Ty bro now i fix it ;) ty![QUOTE=Kineticz';635091]Send me the zip file. I'll do it no problem.[/QUOTE]
  13. Everytime Someone Try to open my client(created with jarmaker) it says "could not find the mainclass: client" I pay 4$ if someone fix me that error everytime someone wanna play on my client... Postdata: My Mainclass is "client" idk why it dont works :S Help! My Skype: chava2995 Fb: [url]https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=781723844[/url]
  14. Ok i search that file and the number was 3 so i was with the correct number Ty! But i need help Jarring the file correctly :S cuz idk why that error happens :Z plzz help! or add skype chava2995![quote name='poesy700']even if you change only clientsettings you always compile... Look in the cache directory for cacherevision.txt and look for the number inside there thats the number you have to put[/QUOTE]
  15. Compiled? Bro the only thing i change on the client.. was the "clientsettings" and i put my ip and website, and cache download link, and theres a think thats says: "change this number if u edit cache" idk wich number i need to type.. the original was 3 but idk with wich number i need to change...so i put the 3 then i compiled and thats all.. i jar and that error shows on each computer i test the client :S [quote name='Hash']And you compiled your client before jarring it?[/QUOTE]