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  1. [quote name='titandino']Cause it isn't working. I removed my fishing class to try and convert it to Dkk's Skill system but I saw yours so I put it in there. The skills are highly incomplete.[/QUOTE] So the skills need alot of work? is what your saying ?
  2. nice release, needs a little bit of a fix up to run though.
  3. Worked for my practice pi, thanks for this
  4. paypal = chargeback...
  5. Sup everyone my real name is Matt and i live in the United States, feel free to contact me by leaving me a private message. THANKs.

  6. [quote name='element82196']Alright already had 1 problem with the starting up of the source. Could you either teamview me? or skype me? Element82196 is my skype thanks (:[/QUOTE] make sure you have the right javas
  7. [quote name='Trippin94']100 errors when you compile the source without editing anything? 100 errors means missing bracket correct? I can't find the missing bracket.[/QUOTE] look harder... it was hard to find
  8. it wouldnt be the client it would be the source
  9. i have it a old school one up atm just for me that im working on so need a coder to help me a bit thanks