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  1. [quote name='owl']Ìt stop on 1% I am changed ip adress on the client.java it and cache is on c:/driver [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?59192-CloudIn-562-657-Source-Release[/url] I have this on base Broblem is why not dowload if i hace cache on c:/driver RspsCache1: RspsCache2 these 2 on c:/drivers i need these folders too or? where bug is? + I don't get complite work That "jdk1.7.0" I found it yes but it is only Windows x86 and Windows x64 and i dont have these 2 What to do now i edit compilier or what? Thank to help[/QUOTE]I didn't understand anything of what you said > _ > sorry. What revision is it?
  2. zillascape

    Hard to concentrate

    [quote name='Mike']Hey people, I'm having stress for school last time, I just can't concentrate while I'm learning, I find it really hard, all these electronics, friends, mobile! I try really hard and I really want to but I just can't concentrate :'( My grades aren't the best too, would love if someone can give me some tips which makes it easier to learn my stuff. Greetings and thank-you in advance.[/QUOTE]Hmm, I don't know but, I have troubles learning too, but now that I type all my homework on the computer I have excellent grades. It's like my head remembers what I type. You should try it :) maybe it works. For the friends etc, tell them to F off and that you're working on your future :3 Or simply turn everything off, have the discipline not to go to facebook or anything whilst you're on the computer typing your homework. Might work ^_^
  3. zillascape


    That's kinda weird o.O The posts immediately show on that site too >_ > scam?
  4. [quote name='Spyrro']That depends on the PC...on an old IBM 90s pc yes....on a modern up to date rig "hell no".....well an IBM computer is a bit exaggerated but you get what I am saying :P[/QUOTE]I think they have decent computers at the London's gamer's base.. >_>.
  5. [quote name='xgazx']I agree, PC will always be the best, I like FPS more on PC than on a console.[/QUOTE]In my opinion there's only little difference between the ps3 and a good gaming pc. Sometimes ps3 is graphically even better. But pc still has the mouse and keyboard which is unbeatable. Also, I have never experienced the slightest lag on my ps3. Only on intensely scratched CD's >.> x)
  6. [quote name='samclark']hey guys i need to know how to run the bat file when i type in a command im sure this is possible i am using it for my update server[/QUOTE]Isn't it something like [code] import java.io.*; Runtime.getRuntime().exec("filepath here");[/code]?
  7. [quote name='Siren']Not all because most Pi's have [code]public void ownerCommands(Client c, String playerCommand)[/code] Which restrict admin's from some commands like "::givemod", "::giveadmin", "::update" etc... But Admin's do have most of the benefits from a source.[/QUOTE]wtf xD well. I'm only into 562's so yeah. I didn't know thx.
  8. [quote name='I R SAD']Actually i wanted it to be iether SMALLER than admin OR Xtacy. So normal players, Mods, or Xtacy. But i changed it so all i had to do it change && to || Thanks[/QUOTE]Lol kk, glad I could help.
  9. [quote name='Siren']Why not just use it for an owner command only ? [code]if (playerCommand.equals("myshop") && c.playerRights >= 3) { if(c.absX > 3071 && c.absX < 3128 && c.absY > 3452 && c.absY < 3510){ c.getShops().openPlayerShop(c); } else c.sendMessage("You can only view your shops in home."); }[/code] Because if you make someone else with the same player right's as you, I think they would be able to spawn also lol ?[/QUOTE]I assume admin = owner. But that's different for every source. Also, You don't make everyone admin in your source right. Admins are known to have all the benifits of the commands, am I correct? Or not.
  10. [quote name='I R SAD']Yea so how should the code be? So <2 or Xtacy can use?[/QUOTE]You want either admins or the person xtacy be able to use the command? if so then [code] if (playerCommand.startsWith("myshop") &&[COLOR="#FF0000"] (c.playerRights == 2 || c.playerName.equals("xtacy"))[/COLOR]) { if(c.absX > 3071 && c.absX < 3128 && c.absY > 3452 && c.absY < 3510){ c.getShops().openPlayerShop(c); } else c.sendMessage("You can only view your shops in home."); } [/code] Translation: If the command starts with "myshop" and the player rights equal 2 OR the name is "xtacy" then blablabla.
  11. [quote name='I R SAD']Thats how i want it to be, but it has to be either <2 or Xtacy. I think the code is <2 AND xtacy?[/QUOTE]No, read my sentence. < 2 (smaller then 2) AND name is xtacy <-- these parameters are fighting eachother. So the conditions don't match. Your name IS xtacy, but your rights are not smaller than 2, so not every condition is matched.
  12. [quote name='Siren']Yea miss type lol, Edited my post. :)[/QUOTE]I edited mine too, but it still won't work.
  13. [quote name='Siren']Yep just noticed that he done that, "I R SAD" just flip it over to '<' and it should work.[/QUOTE]That won't work either because 2 = admin, and > defines anything LARGER than (and not equal to) 2. It has to be either > 1 or = 2
  14. [quote name='I R SAD']I have : [CODE] if (playerCommand.startsWith("myshop") && (c.playerRights [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]< 2[/COLOR][/B] && c.playerName.equals("xtacy"))) { if(c.absX > 3071 && c.absX < 3128 && c.absY > 3452 && c.absY < 3510){ c.getShops().openPlayerShop(c); } else c.sendMessage("You can only view your shops in home."); } [/CODE] Works fine but i (xtacy) still cant use it. i tried both !c.player and c.player[/QUOTE] the selected red must be "> 1" right? because the if structure = "if the command is myshop and the player's right is lower than 2 and the name is xtacy then do the code, else skip it.
  15. Meh, here in belgium, they do that too, although many of the people are in need here too (not only children) and they don't do anything about that. It's kinda fucked up. Our country is falling appart.